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London Iraqi Exhibition Revives Traditional Arts and Unites Arab Diaspora

London Iraqi Exhibition Revives Traditional Arts and Unites Arab Diaspora
اية محمد 5 May 2024

The Shanashil Exhibition for Iraqi and Arab products was organized last Sunday at the Hilton Open Times Hotel, and its activities continued from 12 PM to 8 PM. Al-arab In UK covered aspects of the exhibition, meeting with organizers, participants, and visitors who expressed their admiration for the course of events.

“Iraqi felting is an authentic art that has declined in popularity over time, and today we are working to revive it because it not only offers beautiful products of clothing and decoration but also has health benefits,” said Hala Al-Asadi, a felting artist and Iraqi artisan, addressing the new generations about this traditional craft during the Shanashil event, held for the Iraqi community in the Kingston neighborhood of the capital London on April 28, 2024.

An Iraqi Exhibition in London

معرض عراقي يجدد الاهتمام بالحرف التقليدية ويجمع العرب في لندن

Ban Shakara, the organizer of the exhibition, informed Al-arab In UK that the aim of the exhibition is to support women and enhance their self-confidence. This motivated her and her friend Zainab Al-Adhami to organize the second edition of it.

Shakara added: “The purpose of this exhibition is not just financial profit, but to showcase women’s capabilities and prove that success and achievement are not limited by age. The exhibition brings people together and boosts women’s confidence, and my message to the Arab community is to support each other, as your presence motivates us.”

معرض عراقي يجدد الاهتمام بالحرف التقليدية ويجمع العرب في لندن

Hala Al-Asadi, who works with wool felting, told Al-arab In UK that she produces clothing, decorations, and toys for children from natural wool to avoid the harmful effects of plastic materials. She emphasized the health benefits of woolen clothing as it is antibacterial, maintains body temperature, and absorbs negative charges.

Al-Asadi added: “I see wool felting as an ancient art, and I have ventured into its various fields to preserve it. The world of wool is vast and has been neglected recently, but I encourage a return to wool-based handicrafts because everything related to wool benefits consumers and the environment.”

معرض عراقي يجدد الاهتمام بالحرف التقليدية ويجمع العرب في لندن

Al-arab In UK also met with Mrs. Lana Al-Samidai, an Iraqi preacher and educator, who expressed her pride in the diversity of attendees and participants from various provinces of Iraq. She emphasized that the exhibition provides an opportunity for the new generation to connect with their Iraqi identity.

Al-Samidai added: “Unfortunately, many people today prefer sales through Instagram, but exhibitions like this bring sellers and buyers closer together and give sellers the opportunity to interact with a wider audience in a short time. Additionally, this exhibition is not limited to the material aspect only; it is also an opportunity for communication between generations.”

The Iraqi community in Britain is the second-largest community and one of the oldest and most interactive in society. Iraqis began migrating to Britain since the 1930s, and their number today is estimated to be over 250,000 Iraqis. The Iraqi community organizes events on various levels, which are interacted with by Arab residents in the United Kingdom.

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