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AUK First Gala Dinner to Celebrate its Anniversary

What You Need to Know About AUK Gala Dinner
فريق التحرير 28 February 2023

You are invited to celebrate AUK’s one-year anniversary with its first-time-ever Gala Dinner! AUK will honour a number of Arab Personalities in Britain as part of its celebration on Friday, March 17, 2023. (buy modafinil online germany) All of the gala’s proceeds will be allocated to the victims of the earthquakes in cooperation with Action for Humanity.

Different Personas, diplomats, and Arab businessmen and women in Britain will be part of the celebration that will be held in Richmond Hall at the Hilton Metropole Hotel in London.

Honouring people who left their mark in 2023

Many people left their mark on the world that deserves to be recognized, the celebration will honour a few of those who struck and influenced us in 2023, such as:

  • Arsenal midfielder Mohamed Elneny – known for his good manners and for his support of AUK.
AUK first gala dinner
Arsenal midfielder Mohamed Elneny


  • Mr. Othman Moqbel (Palestine-Jordan) for his distinguished role in humanitarian work and his efforts in relief and development projects.


  • Scientist and inventor Dr. Rehab Al-Jamal (Palestine-Jordan) for her distinguished achievements in the field of the pharmaceutical industry.
Dr. Rehab Al-Jamal
Dr. Rehab Al-Jamal


  • Content creator Abd al-Rahman al-Jabri (UAE) residing in Britain, known on social media as the “London backpacker”. Al-Jabri works in the field of real estate and provides advice to those wishing to visit or invest in Britain.
dinner gala
Abd al-Rahman al-Jabri


AUK … From you to you

In light of the anniversary, the editor-in-chief of AUK, Adnan Hmidan, said: “This event celebrates a year’s worth of work in hope of serving the Arab community in Britain.”

in the past year, AUK was able to reach more than four million visitors via the Google search engine and achieve more than a hundred thousand followers on Facebook, forty thousand on Twitter, and 10 thousand on Instagram.

Hmidan added as well: “During 2022, AUK covered about 60 Arab events in several cities across the United Kingdom, interviewed and recognised the achievements of 30 Arab personas, and today, it celebrates it fir-year anniversary.”

During it, the platform was able to interact with more than four million visitors via the Google search engine, more than a hundred thousand followers on Facebook, and forty thousand followers on Twitter, while the number of followers of the Instagram account is close to ten thousand.

Still, within our celebration and joy, we cannot forget the suffering of our families and friends after the earthquake disaster in Turkey and Syria, for that, all of the Gala proceeds will go the victims with the cooperation of Action for Humanity.

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