UK TREND : The BBC is silencing David Attenborough

David Attenborough
UK TREND : The BBC is silencing David Attenborough

According to the Guardian, the BBC decided not to air an episode of Sir David Attenborough‘s ground-breaking new series on British wildlife out of concern that its themes of the destruction of nature might provoke a backlash from Tory politicians and the right-wing press.

In light of this, and particularly in light of the current problems involving Gary Linker, members of the public took to Twitter to vent their frustration with the BBC. Currently trending on Twitter are the hashtags #David Attenborough and #BBC bias. A number of people have tweeted that it is obvious from the BBC’s behaviour that the corporation is being pressured by the government and influenced by its Tory chair.

UK TREND: BBC decided not to air an episode of Sir David Attenborough’s series!

UK trend:
 BBC decided not to air an episode of Sir David Attenborough’s series

Individuals tweeted that the BBC “ has shown exactly how far right it has become in the last few days. A David Attenborough programme gets dropped in case it offends the far right and Gary Lineker gets suspended for criticizing the Tories. Totally unacceptable”.

Another individual stated that: “ a red line has been reached especially with the censoring of David Attenborough – a national treasure”. People were expressing “ they now want to cancel their Tv licenses since the Tories are now politically interfering with BBC programming and censoring long-standing ambassadors of the cooperation.”

Individuals were questioning why anyone would still pay for a TV license, when “ on the same day, the BBC have taken Gary Lineker off air and David Attenborough in order to please the Tory right wing.”

Human rights lawyer Shoaib M Khan tweeted “ shame on you, BBC. For Lineker. For David Attenborough. For the actions of your chairman. For taking us all as fools. It’s shameful and embarrassing what you have become. Sad times.”

One Twitter user stated that “ the reason the BBC is cancelling David Attenborough and Gary Lineker is that they share factual information with the public. When Tories complain about “ woke leftie nonsense”, they are just complaining about the truth”.

Another Twitter user shared “ it is a sad day for freedom of speech with Gary Lineker and David Attenborough effectively censored. Yet another reason to boycott the BBC”.

One user even went so far as to compare the actions of the Tories to those of the “Nazis,” noting that the BBC was pressured by the Tories to silence David Attenborough and suspend Gary Lineker because their opinions ran counter to the Tories’ ideologies.

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