UK TREND : Public outrage over Plymouth council cutting over 100 tree

UK TREND : Public outrage over Plymouth council cutting over 100 tree
UK TREND : Public outrage over Plymouth council cutting over 100 tree

In Plymouth’s centre, more than 100 mature trees have been removed. The Conservative council in the Devon city fenced off the trees with metal fencing, sent security guards to the area, and, on Tuesday night, in the shadows of night, cut down more than 100 of the trees with chainsaws over a short period of time despite strong community opposition.

Individuals took to twitter to express their anger with the conservative council over their actions, especially after over 16 thousand people signed a petition to stop this , yet they carried out the work and during the night to avoid people protesting it. The hashtag #Plymouth has been trending on twitter.



Labour member of parliament was amongst those who criticized the conservative council for their actions. He tweeted “ overnight Plymouths Conservative council chopped down nearly 100 trees in the city centre. It’s a scene of environmental devastation and utter council vandalism. I am appalled at the actions of the Tory Council. Sad day for our city.”



Individuals were furious over the actions of the council. They shared how “ sick and utterly saddened” they are about what took place. “ Over 100 mature trees gone within hours, to make way for surveillance cameras & monitoring, preparing for a 15-minute city. This utter vandalism against nature is happening all across the UK.”


Another individual highlighted how the Conservative council “ destroyed and brought down scores of trees”, even though “ the citizens opposed this”. Thus, why the council carried out the work during the night, “ this is wanton vandalism and destruction, and Plymouth council must be held accountable for”.


One twitter account shared a video of council workers carrying out the work at night with police officers guarding them, along with the caption “Plymouth City Council, against the publics wishes, cutting down trees in the city centre. Over a 100, all under the cover of darkness.”

People were questioning the Conservatives as to why “ they need to cut down over a 100 tress in Plymouth ?”. When according to the public “ they need more trees not less” and by doing this, the “ Tories are removing the lungs of the City”. The people were encouraging other to “ never trust a Tory”.


They were truly upset by the news and tweeted “ it is a heart-breaking day when 16,200 people signed the petition to save the trees, yet Plymouth city council went ahead with their needless destruction under the cover of darkness. Trees are vital for climate control, especially in times like this.”

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