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1445 ذو الحجة 12 | 19 يونيو 2024

London: Thousands gather outside the BBC headquarters and march toward the UK government headquarters

London: Thousands gather outside the BBC headquarters and march toward the UK government headquarters
فريق التحرير 13 May 2023

Commemorating the Nakba, the catastrophe of the Palestinian people in 1948, thousands gathered in the heart of London to protest the Israeli brutal attacks on Gaza during the last few days, targeting several women, children, and innocent civilians, and breaking the last threads of hope Gazans have for a better life.

The protesters also condemned the daily Israeli terrorism in the Occupied West Bank and the continuing preaching of Palestinian land and human rights.

Nakba happened in 1948 when the Zionist militias, backed by British and Western support, raged an attack on Palestinian cities and villages committing over 50 massacres and destroying an entire country, leaving Palestinians to face life in their exile, or under occupation, 800,000 Palestinians fled Palestinian to neighbouring countries and lived in refugee camps, giving birth also to generations of refugees, which made their total rise to over 7 million refugees today, most of which live in refugee camps and have no civil rights or hopes for a good life.


London: Thousands gather outside the BBC headquarters and march toward the UK government headquarters
People gathered outside BBC to support Palestinians


Isreal continues to bomb Gaza Strip


London: Thousands gather outside the BBC headquarters and march toward the UK government headquarters
People gathering in front of BBC quarters (AUK)


Today, Israel continues its massacres against Palestinians, in a scene that can be assimilated to the Nakba, whereby Israel as a state today, rather than a militia, spreads its terror on a daily basis amongst Palestinians. During the course of the week, Israel has been raiding Gaza with airstrikes, killing over 30 people including 9 children and several women, and injuring hundreds. The besieged Gaza Strip has been under Israeli blockade since 2007, and was the target of Israeli airstrikes on a regular basis since then, leaving Palestinians in a constant state of fear.

Zaher Birawi, the chairman of the PFB, said that “the brutal Israeli attack on Gaza should be urgently addressed by the UK government and acted upon according to the significance of the crimes committed in the last few days killing a majority of children and women”

Birawi continued that “Britain’s failure to recognize its historical responsibility for the suffering of the Palestinians and its continued support for the occupying state and its silence over its crimes against the Palestinians and their ongoing calamity to this day will always make Britain in the eyes of the Palestinians a partner in these crimes, and then the Palestinian generations will not forgive it and will pursue it in international forums and institutions sooner or later. No right, will be lost behind demands.”


75 years of the NAkba and counting


London: Thousands gather outside the BBC headquarters and march toward the UK government headquarters
Supporters calling for justice for Palestinians (AUK)


Faris Tamimi delivered a speech on behalf of the PFB, whereby he said “75 years of the Nakba, but I’m here today holding a card proving that the Nakba 75 years ago is not over, just this week these 3 children were killed, taken away from their families.. when Israel drops bombs on Gaza what does the British government say, they say Israel has the right to defend itself, what does that mean.. this is an attack on the Palestinian people, this is an attack on their right to freedom and dignity, Rishi Sunak you have Palestinian blood on your hands, every single British Prime Minister, every single British government since the Balfour Declaration have blood on their hands”

Ismael Patel, the chairman of Friends of Al-Aqsa also added that “If the Nakba was a process then that process means that we need a conclusion, and the conclusion has to be written my friends and we’re here today to write that conclusion, a conclusion that says: end the 75 years of war crimes.. impunity.. a conclusion that says free Palestine”

The protesters demanded that the UK government takes immediate measures against the terrorist Israeli campaign in Gaza, and stand with the human rights of innocent people who are being killed as the protest is happening.

The PFB affirms the opinions of the public expressed today at the protest and demands that the UK government views the Palestinian cause as it does the Ukrainian and that it stands with the righteous demands of Palestinians for a peaceful home that ends the state of occupation or exile Palestinians live under and prevent the continuous Israeli terrorism against Palestinians such as the ongoing attack on Gaza.



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