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What comes next after a million Britons marched for Gaza?

What happens after Britain leaves with a million demonstrations for Gaza?
عدنان حميدان 12 November 2023

It is the right of those who wonder: What comes next after a million Britons took to the streets in supportive protests for Palestine, condemning the aggression on Gaza and calling for an immediate ceasefire? Haven’t you participated in million-strong protests before, such as in 2003 against the war on Iraq? However, the government proceeded with its decision, not yielding to the masses despite the large numbers that took to the streets and demonstrated.

Here, logic itself inflicts the question: What if we didn’t protest? Would the situation be better for you? Would you feel psychologically at ease seeing the extremist government pursue its agenda without anyone challenging it? Isn’t it required for us to take action and make efforts to the best of our abilities, understanding that results have their own conditions and laws?

One million demonstrators stand for Gaza

What comes next after a million Britons marched for Gaza?
What happens after a million Britons marched for Gaza?

Nevertheless, I see numerous benefits that have been and continue to be realized in these protests, which could make a real difference in Britain and the world in the coming period. Some of the key aspects include:

1- Both the Conservative government led by Sunak and the Labor opposition led by Starmer feel a real threat to them in the upcoming elections, due to their support for the aggression on Gaza and their absolute bias towards the occupying state, in contrast to the general mood expressed by the protests. And opinion polls. While these protests may not turn them into supporters of Palestine, they do require them to carefully consider any future decisions they make in support of Tel Aviv.

2- Providing moral support to our people in Gaza, letting them know they are not alone, and that there are people who stand in solidarity with them. This includes the father of my friend in Gaza who asks him each time communication is possible: How many people protested in solidarity with us in London, and what was the scale of the protests worldwide, and which cities showed the most response? This helps them feel that at least we are with them and will not forget them.

3- Creating a competitive infectious spirit in major cities worldwide in solidarity with Palestine and other just causes. Movements supporting Palestine compete in organizing protests and innovating new methods and ideas to express solidarity.

4- Stirring stagnant waters in this indifferent world towards supporting the oppressed in Gaza, shedding light on their suffering, and disrupting the comfort of those supporting aggression through legal and civilized means. This draws attention to their plight and the necessity of standing with them and doing what is possible to lift the siege and stop the killings.

5- Encouraging the oppressed by the occupation authorities to rise up to claim their rights, pursue the perpetrators of massacres against them, and seek the trial of those who committed and continue to commit war crimes against them.

In conclusion, yes, protests do not liberate Palestine, but they liberate us. They shake off the dust of indifference and push us to think about supporting our people and defending them. If our determination wanes, we will find in these protests a replenishment to renew our energies and sharpen our determination. When we see figures like Jeremy Corbyn offering himself as a sacrificial lamb in support of Palestine, along with others of various nationalities and ages, we gain confidence that the equation has changed, and what is needed is more awareness and effort to build upon these achievements.

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