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Teenager Stabbed to Death In front of Children

شاب أفغاني يقضي طعنا أمام أطفال في لندن
فريق التحرير 13 October 2021

An 18 years-old Afghani student was killed by a group of boys in a sports field in front of year 8 students who have witnessed everything, one of the teachers had tried helping the dying student with no use.


Hoping For a Better Life He Came To UK

On Wednesday, around 4:45 PM, the student Hazrat Wali was attacked by a group of boys that witnesses described as “noisy kids” on Craneford Way, Twickenham, near Richmond Upon Thames College, which he attended.

Hazrat came to the UK two years ago from Afghanistan hoping to have a better and safe life, leaving behind his family and friends. He is well-loved by the people around him, the brutal way he died was a huge shock for everyone that knew him.

His friend Sahil Kochay said: “He was a very good person. Very caring and loved everyone. He wasn’t the kind of guy to fight.”


A Murder Witnessed by Children

The incident was very frightening for the children, aged 12 and 13, who were playing rugby on the sports field.

Their teacher attempted to shield them from the incident, before running to save the victim, despite his attempts, the boy was pronounced dead minutes after arriving at the hospital

A witness told The Evening Standard,  “Five minutes before the incident a group of very noisy kids came along heading to the field. The next thing we knew all hell let loose”. ( Another parent said a group of boys ran away after they were approached by the teacher before her 13-year-old son saw Wali collapse.


Ongoing Investigation

The attack as reported by The Evening Standard began on a footbridge, in a public place.  The police are still investigating the murder, no arrests have been made until now.

DIC Vicky Tunstall called the witnesses to respect the victim’s privacy and his family’s by not posting/publishing any videos or pictures.

The college principal of Richmond upon Thames College said: “Our thoughts and prayers are with the student’s family and friends at this difficult time. This loss is sure to raise many emotions and concerns”

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