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UK: Young Imam stabbed to death in East London

Deemah Shaltaf 7 November 2021

Imam Aqeel Mahdi, 22 years old, was attacked in East London on Sunday 11, November 2021.

The young Imam and qari was an Imam for Taraweeh prayer in Wightman Road Mosque in London.

بريطانيا: قتل إمام مسلم شاب طعنا شرق لندن


The attack was a shock to everyone who knew the young imam. They are still in shock on who and why someone would do this to Aqeel.

Aqeel was known for his kind soul and his good manners with everyone around him.

It is still unclear if he was a victim of Islamophobia or was attacked by a gang of thieves or of the like of them.

Metropolitan Police Action

At the time of publishing this report, the Met police still did not make any official statement about the murder of the young imam and its motive.

The Muslim community in particular and the general public in Britain are anxiously awaiting the results of the investigations to find out the motives for the horrid crime.


The Murder of Sheikh Abdul Hadi Al-Arwani

This attack brought to mind the murder of Imam Abdul Hadi Al-Arwani, but unlike Aqeel, Abdul Hadi was shot dead.

Abdul Hadi had investigated and exposed the corruption of other people, which lead to them orchestrating the attack. They have since sentenced for more than 30 years in prison for the murder of the Imam.


Public’s Reaction to The Murder of The Young Imam

The attack was a shock to everyone in the Muslim community. Some have come to share their condolences the social media



Many people have written touching words about the Imam on social media.

His family have requested to make du’a for him.