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Find out why you need to keep your house door closed all the time

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فريق التحرير 26 June 2023

Residents of Britain are advised not to leave the door of the house open, even if the temperatures are high in the middle of summer. According to what a policeman said to a British citizen of Jordanian origin, leaving the door open is considered a non-verbal authorisation for strangers to enter the house without permission!

Rakan had previously called the police because of an intoxicated woman that entered his home without permission, however, the police had then told him not to force her out of his home and wait for their arrival. They arrived 35 minutes later while Rakan and his family were terrified of the strange woman in their house.


British Law About Trespassing

حق المقيمين في بريطانيا بحماية منازلهم
Ahmad Alturk

Attorney Ahmed Al-Turk, the general chief of the “Arab Lawyers” website, commented on the case, saying: “All lands in the United Kingdom belong to a person or entity, and entering any land without the consent of its owner is considered trespassing”.

Al-Turk added: “British law prevents people from sneaking into your home and gives you the right to use appropriate or reasonable force to defend yourself or others if a crime occurs inside your home”.

But there is no specific interpretation of the law for the word reasonable force and this depends on the circumstance. But if you go beyond that, and assault the intruder when they did not threaten to harm you or put you in danger, you may be sued in court for the assault.




In his response to the incident of the woman who broke into Rakan’s house while she was under the influence of severe intoxication, and the response of the policeman, who blamed Rakan for the woman’s entry as his house door was open, Al-Turk said:

“I did not find a text in the law that mentions that an open door is an invitation for the public to enter a private house, and I think that the interpretation that the policeman relied on in this story is inaccurate. The owner of the house can open his door for ventilation without intending to let the public into his house.”

However, it is always advised to be cautious.



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