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UK TREND: Met Police actions cause more public outrage

Met Police actions cause more public outrage
فريق التحرير 9 May 2023

A man was seen holding two dogs on neighbouring Limehouse Cut in video posted on social media before being tasered by the Met police, who then shot both dogs.

Met police taser a man and shoot his dogs!

Met police
Met police abuse its powers with no probable cause

The shocking footage of the attack on the man and his dogs has been circulated around social media platforms, resulting in further public outrage at the Metropolitan police. As according to twitter users, it seems the police is abusing its powers recently with no probable cause, such as with arresting the protestors at the coronation and with tasering this man and murdering his dogs.

People were tweeting that if the police force can easily shoot down dogs like this, then soon they “will be shooting us”.

They were also wondering “if it is even safe to walk your dogs in London” these days?

Individuals were frustrated with what occurred and the way in which “the police abuse their powers without consequences”. One individual shared that “After cornering and tasering an unarmed man, the Met police proceeded to murder two distressed dogs in cold blood. This is the result of an emboldened and unaccountable force that has repeatedly shown willingness to abuse its power without consequence.”

Another user shared: “This force is out of control.”

Individuals could not understand the reasons that caused the police to act like this, “as they murdered two dogs for barking at them while they tasered their owner”.

Twitter users were demanding answers from high profile individuals, stating that “the public deserve answers as to why did the police shoot these dogs and taser an unarmed man? It is horrific”.

Following the recent scandal with the arrest of peaceful protestors at the Kings coronation. People tweeted that “the Met police appear to go from one PR crisis to another. Thus, calling in question if they are fit for purpose or not?”.

Twitter user William Davis shared that these recent actions seem “to be classic Met. Always send twice as many officers as required and always take the easy option. Lazy, petty, thick, and vicious. That’s the Met police and London deserves better.

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