UK TREND : Sunak under police investigation for failure to wear seat belt

UK TREND : Sunak under police investigation for failure to wear seat belt
UK TREND : Sunak under police investigation for failure to wear seat belt

After Rishi Sunak was caught on camera not using a seatbelt while a passenger in a moving vehicle, Lancashire Police launched an “investigation” into him. The video was previously posted on Mr. Sunak’s Instagram account to promote the government’s most recent round of “levelling up” spending.

The prime minister issued an apology, calling it a “mistake of judgement” to remove his seatbelt in order to record a social media clip. The maximum fine for seat belt violations is £500.

The hashtag #Rishi Sunak has been trending on Twitter with over 50,000 tweets in the last few hours since the video was posted on social media platforms. Twitter has been used by the public to vent their anger at the prime minister’s actions, which only serve to highlight his disregard for the rule of law and the public at large.

Some people felt that it would be better to concentrate on pressing issues that affect the public rather than having the police look into Rishi Sunak for not wearing a seatbelt. Issues such as the “covid money,” “the billions spirted out of the country after Brexit,” etc.

Individuals such as Jack Mendel tweeted that “ catching politicians with minor infringements is such low hanging fruit, they should be held accountable for important matters such as policies etc”.

Another twitter user stated that “ people criticizing Rishi Sunak for not wearing a seatbelt are pathetic – they should be more focused on criticizing him for being out of touch , unelected”.

High profile individual ‘Femi’ tweeted that the Prime Minster appearing in a public video not wearing a seat belt is clearly a “ strategy to distract people from the economic harm he has inflicted on people”. However, it only serves as a “ reminder to people that Rishi Sunak is a law breaker and one during lockdown too”.



It was highlighted that if Sunak is to be found guilty of breaking the law “ he will be handed a second fine , after the fine he received by the Met Police for breaking lockdown rules and that maybe this should push him to resign”.



Individuals were questioning “what kind of example does his behaviour set ?”, as this is the second time, he’s being accused of breaking the law.


People were frustrated as this video only demonstrates that “ Rishi Sunak thinks that the law doesn’t apply to him”.

Others also called into question the Conservative party and their “incompetence” as “ many people had to see this video before its release, yet no one mentioned the seatbelt issue”. Thus, to the public this only demonstrates “ how the government does not care for fairness or rules.”


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