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UK TREND : Jeremy Hunt compared to “Mr. Bean” in latest video

UK TREND : Jeremy Hunt compared to "Mr. Bean" in latest video
فريق التحرير 19 January 2023

In a social media video where he uses coffee cups to explain inflation, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has been compared to Mr. Bean.

In the video, which was released early on Wednesday, Mr. Hunt lists “lots of reasons” why inflation has increased, citing Covid and the conflict in Ukraine that is driving up food and energy prices

Liberal Democrats and Labour both criticised the chancellor’s video. The general public have also voiced criticism of the video and expressed their displeasure with the Chancellor and the Conservative party on twitter.

After watching the video, the general public was outraged because they felt it was “patronising, disingenuous, and total nonsense.” Due to the video’s content and delivery, tweets also referred to it as “denialistic and condescending.” This is because it appears to indicate that “the government is treating its citizens like idiots by not mentioning Brexit or the Liz Truss disaster which took us to where we are today.”

People were annoyed that “the Tory led Brexit and the £70bn that Britain had to borrow as a result of Trussonomics” weren’t mentioned

Member of Parliament Ian Black ford highlighted in his tweet that “ the public don’t need patronising lessons on the Tory cost of living crisis from Jeremy Hunt – they need help from the government that caused it” during these difficult economic times .

British Liberal Democrat member of Parliament Sarah Olney also shared her opinion on twitter. She also agreed with people’s outrage about the “ lack of mention of the impact of Brexit bureaucracy, a weak pound or Liz Truss’ disastrous mini budget in this ‘explainer’ video”. She stated that “ the Conservatives must be held responsible for the impact of their disastrous policies on the British economy”.


Others also shared the view that Hunt should be more focused on taking responsibility for his actions , “ he should do an explainer video on how he contributed to the destruction of the NHS”.

People also pointed out that “Britain gave billions to Ukraine” despite the fact that our own citizens struggle to pay for food and heating, but Jeremy Hunt completely dismissed that in his “explainer” video.

The public agreed that it was the Conservative government the created this “ record inflation” and the least they should do is take responsibility and be held accountable for their actions.

With the remark, “Money supply?” former education secretary Kit Malthouse also seemed to be questioning the message’s content.


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