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UK TREND : Elderly Woman Fatally Struck by Royal Police Escort

UK TREND : Elderly Woman Fatally Struck by Royal Police Escort
فريق التحرير 25 May 2023

An 81-year-old woman named Helen Holland from Birchanger, Essex, has passed away after being hit by a police motorcycle escorting Sophie, the Duchess of Edinburgh, in London. Helen Holland’s family revealed that she fought for her life for nearly two weeks, but ultimately succumbed to irreversible brain damage.

Buckingham Palace expressed deep sadness and extended heartfelt condolences to the family. The crash is currently under investigation by the police watchdog.

The public has taken to Twitter to offer condolences to the victim’s family and express their sadness. The situation has sparked discussions about the protection of ordinary people and accountability for the police’s escorting practices. The hashtags #HelenHolland and #NobodyIsAboveTheLaw have been trending, with demands for consequences and changes in police protocols.



Twitter users rallied behind Helen’s family, offering prayers and unwavering support. Simultaneously, they passionately called for justice to be served in her case.




People pointed out the latest police-related concerns, citing the occurrence of a video depicting a police car pursuing two boys on an electric scooter near the Cardiff crash scene. They further emphasized the unfortunate incident involving an elderly woman being struck by a police outrider escorting the Duchess of Edinburgh, resulting in her tragic demise.



A heartrending revelation surfaced as one individual shared the sorrowful detail provided by the victim’s family, expressing that Helen had a genuine love for the royal family and unwavering faith in the integrity of the police.


Expressing their profound outrage, the victim’s family conveyed their strong sentiments regarding the situation. Helen’s son directly stated, “The police are responsible for my mother’s death. She was utilizing the designated pedestrian crossing, a safe route, when she was tragically hit by the police motorcycle.”



On Twitter, critics of the Royal Family voiced their anger, emphasizing that an innocent woman’s life had been unjustly taken. They insisted on the need for accountability and reforms, asserting that Sophie’s (Duchess of Edinburgh)  status should not outweigh the importance of Helen’s life.


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