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Slidefest Palestine: London Photography Exhibition to Celebrate Palestinian Artists

Slidefest Palestine: London Photography Exhibition to Celebrate Palestinian Artists
اية محمد 3 May 2024

Gallery Stephen Lawrence in London is gearing up for the opening of the ‘GPP Slidefest Palestine‘ event, a collaboration between Gulf Photo Plus and the University of Greenwich.

Scheduled for May 8, 2024, this exhibition presents a unique opportunity for Londoners to immerse themselves in Palestinian culture and narratives through the power of artistic photography.

A Artistic Window into Palestine

Slidefest Palestine: London Photography Exhibition to Celebrate Palestinian Artists
Palestine (Unspllash)

The GPP Slidefest festival was founded in Dubai to serve as a platform for showcasing photographers’ creations.

Having achieved remarkable success in cities like Cairo, Jeddah, Riyadh, and Bahrain, the festival now turns its focus to Palestine. The two-hour session on May 8 will feature consecutive presentations from each photographer, showcasing their work within 5 to 7 minutes, followed by a question and answer session allowing attendees to delve deeper into the stories hidden behind the images.

The Artists and Their Exhibits

Slidefest Palestine: London Photography Exhibition to Celebrate Palestinian Artists

The exhibition will offer a profound insight into various themes and personal narratives that highlight Palestinian life:

1. ‘Landing’ by Maen Hammad explores the world of skateboarding as a means of escapism and liberation amidst the harsh realities of occupation. The series not only focuses on the sport but also portrays the resilience and resistance of Palestinian youth, providing a poignant perspective on it.

2. ‘fables of the Sea’ by Rehaf Batniji depicts the fates of Gaza fishermen and their catches within the context of their daily lives, highlighting the mix of struggle and joy they experience. Al Batniji offers a fresh perspective on the challenges faced by the people of Gaza.

3. ‘Archives of Kegham Djeghalian’ by Ozge Calafato showcases the first photography studio established in Gaza in 1944. The project aims to preserve the fragile visual history and cultural heritage of Gaza amidst ongoing conflict.

4. ‘Beyond Checkpoints’ by Samar Hazboun  provides a profound insight into the experiences of Palestinian women giving birth at checkpoints, combining personal photographs with found objects. This series highlights the silent witnesses to moments of pain and loss.

5. ‘Birds Unaccustomed to Gravity’ by Tanya Habjouqa  illustrates the psychological and material boundaries that characterize Palestinian life under occupation. The series delves into the complex reality faced by Palestinians, with its blend of violent confrontations, simple liberations, and the enduring memory of landscapes.”

Details of Slidefest Palestine Exhibition

Slidefest Palestine: London Photography Exhibition to Celebrate Palestinian Artists

Date and Time: Wednesday, May 8th, from 6:30 to 8:30 PM GMT+1

Location: Stephen Lawrence Gallery, Stockwell Street Building, University of Greenwich, London (SE10 9BD).

Admission: Free, but registration is required via the link here.

This exhibition not only showcases artistic talents but also opens a window to the stories and voices of Palestinians often obscured by political narratives. Slidefest Palestine offers a unique perspective through which one can witness the conflicts, resilience, and indomitable spirit of the Palestinian people. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast, a supporter of artistic expressions, or simply interested in understanding diverse cultures, this event is not to be missed.

With a limited number of tickets available, interested attendees are encouraged to register promptly to secure their spot in this inspiring evening of photographic presentations and storytelling.

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