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1445 ذو الحجة 11 | 18 يونيو 2024

Non-Profit Organisation to Legally Support UK Champions of Gaza

Over 250,000 March in London to Mark 76th Nakba Anniversary
اية محمد 2 May 2024

The British voluntary Organisation APEX is gearing up to take legal action in solidarity with protesters in support of Gaza.

This follows the establishment of a legal coalition comprising 1000 legal and political figures, including former judges from the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal.

Non-Profit Organisation to Legally Support UK Champions of Gaza

Non-Profit Organisation to Legally Support UK Champions of Gaza

This coalition is calling on UK politicians to halt complicity in serious breaches of law concerning Gaza and to fulfill their legal obligations by taking the following five actions:

1. Securing a permanent ceasefire in Gaza.
2. Ensuring safe access to essential supplies and medical assistance for Palestinians in Gaza, including confirming immediate UK funding to UNRWA.
3. Imposing sanctions on individuals and entities inciting genocide against Palestinians.
4. Suspending the provision of weapons and weapons systems to the Israeli government.
5. Suspending the 2030 Road Map for the UK’s bilateral trade agreement with Israel and considering the imposition of sanctions.

Prominent Volunteers in the Human Rights Organization (APEX)

Non-Profit Organisation to Legally Support UK Champions of Gaza

“At APEX, we stand firm in our belief that everyone is entitled to dignity, equality, and freedom, and we are unwavering in our commitment to advocate for these fundamental rights,” stated Sabah AL-Mukhtar, a Patron at APEX and the president of the Arab Lawyers Association.

“By becoming a paid member of APEX or contributing a donation, you can directly bolster our endeavors to cultivate a world that is more just and equitable,” emphasized Mr. Ali Qaddoumi, Chairman of APEX.

This legal coalition comprises distinguished figures, including the former President of the UK Supreme Court, 14 former judges from both the Supreme and Appeal Courts, former Chairs of the Bar Association and the Criminal Bar Association of England and Wales, former Counsel General for Wales, the Principal of Mansfield College, Oxford University, as well as 428 leading King’s Counsels & Barristers, 154 law firms, 340 Solicitors, and 165 Law Professors & Legal Academics from 45 esteemed universities, including Oxford University and the University of Cambridge.

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