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1445 شعبان 12 | 22 فبراير 2024

British and Arab journalists: The BBC is an accomplice in the crimes committed in Gaza

British and Arab journalists: The BBC is an accomplice in the crimes committed in Gaza
ديمة خالد 11 February 2024

Thousands of Palestine supporters demonstrated in front of BBC headquarter in London on Wednesday, February 7, 2024. They protest the biased coverage by BBC and other British media outlets in favor of the Israeli occupation, urging for a more balanced portrayal of what is happening in Palestine.

Unveiling Media Biases: Protesters Confront BBC and British Media Outlets

احتجاجات أمام مقر بي بي سي


The protest highlighted several demands, including an end to the killing of journalists, cessation of genocide, fairer editorial policies regarding Palestine-related content, and a call for British and Western media to present the full truth.



Peter O’Bourne, a British journalist speaking to the Al-Arab in the UK platform (AUK), praised the courage of Gaza journalists for their unwavering commitment to revealing the truth despite facing immense challenges.

Calls for Fair Coverage and Ethical Reporting

السفير الفلسطيني في بريطانيا حسام زملط


The Palestinian Ambassador to Britain, Dr. Hussam Zomlot, joined the protest, condemning media bias as complicit in perpetuating injustice and concealing realities. He honored the 85 journalists that were killed by Israeli strikes in Gaza.

One of the speakers, Ben Jamal, criticized BBC’s selective coverage, citing its failure to adequately report on South Africa’s legal action against the occupation but showing livestream of the Israeli defense hearing.

Following his speech, Palestinian journalist Ahmed al-Naouq shared his personal experiences from Gaza, where he tragically lost his family to Israeli airstrikes.

Al-Naouq highlighted entrenched biases in Western media and the influence of the Zionist lobby, which he argued contribute to a distorted narrative of the Zionist occupation.



According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, Israel tortured and killed 83 Palestinian journalists in its prisons as of January 28, 2024. This grim reality has prompted calls from both international and local organizations for an end to the targeting of journalists.


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