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1445 ذو القعدة 16 | 24 مايو 2024

London’s Grand Eid al-Fitr Prayer for Gaza Solidarity in Harrow

London's Grand Eid al-Fitr Prayer for Gaza Solidarity in Harrow
فريق التحرير 7 April 2024

Muslims in London are planning a large Eid prayer event to express solidarity with Gaza, to be held in Harrow’s spacious Byron Hall. This significant gathering, orchestrated by the Palestinian Forum in Britain in collaboration with the British Yemeni community, the Muslim Association of Britain, and various mosques and Islamic centers, is set for the first of the first day of Eid al-Fitr (Shawwal 1445 Hijri), expected to coincide with Wednesday, April 10, 2024.

The Salah is not just a celebration of Eid but a powerful statement of solidarity with Gaza amid ongoing hostilities.

Palestinian Flags Accompany the Worshippers

London's Grand Eid al-Fitr Prayer for Gaza Solidarity in Harrow

The event will be marked by the distribution of hundreds of Palestinian flags, symbolizing the community’s support for Gaza. Adnan Hmidan, the vice president of the Palestinian Forum in Britain, emphasized that the spirit of this Eid revolves around standing with Gaza, influencing every aspect of the event. The forum also intends to seize this moment to highlight the critical importance of participating in upcoming elections, offering a stage for community-endorsed candidates to connect with attendees.

Additionally, the Palestinian Forum has prepared thousands of brochures outlining ways to support Gaza, which will be distributed in key UK cities such as London, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Newcastle, among others, on the day of Eid.

Who will lead Harrow’s Eid Prayer?

Thousands Attended Eid Al-Fitr Prayer Organized by The Palestinian Forum
Thousands Attended Eid Al-Fitr Prayer 2022 Organized by The Palestinian Forum (AUK)

Esteemed Egyptian imam and reciter, Dr. Saeed Abu Fuyoud, will lead the Eid prayer, bringing his rich Islamic scholarship from Al-Azhar to West London’s Byron Hall. Dr. Abu Fuyoud is celebrated for his contributions to Quranic recitation and education, both in Egypt and globally.

The sermon, expected to delve into the challenges Muslims face in the West and underline the community’s priorities with a focus on Gaza, will be delivered by Sheikh Dr. Haitham al-Haddad. A British preacher of Palestinian origin, Dr. al-Haddad brings his deep knowledge of Sharia and Law to this significant occasion.

Eid Prayer Program in Byron Hall, West London

The day’s schedule starts at 8:00 AM with the doors opening, followed by Takbeerat at 8:30 AM. Orchestrated by Dr. Anas Al-Tikriti, the program includes activities like gift distribution to children, appeals for Zakat al-Fitr and charity, and promotes unity within the Muslim community. The main prayer, led by Imam Dr. Saeed Abu Fuyoud, is set for around 9:30 AM, with Dr. Haitham al-Haddad’s sermon to follow. The day will also feature an outdoor market catering to the Eid celebrations of the Muslim community.


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