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Palestinians pay the price

Palestinians pay the price
Maher Abu Tair 7 August 2022

Whenever the political crises in Israel intensify, the Palestinians pay the price. Palestine is nothing but a card that Isreal uses from time to time for their benefits.

We can observe the two attacks happening before us now. The first is the Israeli operation against the Gaza Strip and the bombing of civilians, which led to the death of dozens (26 until now and the counting is still going), the wounding of hundreds, and the demolition of homes.

The second is the Israeli settlers storming Al-Aqsa Mosque today, in memory of the so-called destruction of the Temple, and with the approval of the Israeli police.

Both of which benefit the elections of the prime ministership that is happening now.

In an attempt to achieve victories ahead of the Knesset elections, an operation called “True Dawn” is launched against Gaza, imitating former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s operation that he launched in May 2021. This was ordered by Acting Prime Minister Yair Lapid and Defense Minister Benny Gantz. (


Palestinians pay the price
Palestinians pay the price (Unsplash)

Palestinians pay the price of the Knesset elections

Here we can see that the Palestinians pay the price of Israel’s attempts to raise its popularity amongst its people before the elections. They target occupier extremists and gain their support by spilling the blood of innocent children, youth, men and women in Gaza, Jerusalem, and all of Palestine.

The current attacks are still at the beginning and will not end any time soon, especially with the settlers storming Al-Aqsa Mosque today, the 7th of August, the attacks will follow the steps of the attacks that took place two years ago in the month of Ramadan.

Regardless security is actually fragile, despite their constant bombing attacks and air raids, the structure of the Israeli occupation cannot bear to receive a single missile, on any area in occupied Palestine, and this means that their efforts to cease fire may not succeed.

We have to expect the intensity of the current crisis to increase based on three different elements, the first of which is an increase in the number of rockets fired from Gaza, and the second of which is the entry of other organizations to partner in response despite the Israeli attempts to neutralize.

And the third is that we have to expect a different scenario according to what will happen in Jerusalem today.

But we can be sure that in all three scenarios, the Palestinian Authority will be absent.

The cost of the authority today on the Palestinians is more dangerous than the occupation, especially, as it restricts reactions in the West Bank, which mediates the distance between Gaza and the West Bank.



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