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National March in London marking the 75th anniversary of Nakba on 13 May

فريق التحرير 12 May 2023

British Palestinians and Palestine’s friends are mobilizing for a mass march in London to revive the 75th anniversary of Nakba on Saturday, 13 May 2023. The demonstration will be at 12:00 nearby the BBC headquarters in Portland Place, and the route to the British government headquarters.

Organized by the Palestinian Forum in Britain (PFB), the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), Stop the War Coalition, FOA, the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), the march calls to end the apartheid regime and systematic crimes committed by the Israeli occupation against Palestinians.

The 75th Anniversary of Nakba in the Heart of London

مسيرة حاشدة في الذكرى الـ 75 للنكبة

In 1948, the Israeli occupation forces destroyed more than 500 Palestinian villages and damaged the crops and properties of Palestinian people. They even displaced more than 700,000 Palestinians from their villages and cities by force. However, Nakba is not just a 75-year historical event, instead, it is 75 years of continuous and systematic oppression.

The March of May 13th is being held to commemorate Nakba and remind people that Al-Aqsa has heroes in Britain and worldwide. This National March calls to denounce the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, seizing their lands and properties, displacing them, and denouncing the ongoing violations in the Palestinian territories. This march also calls the British government to stop arming the Israeli forces.

مسيرة حاشدة في لندن إحياءً للذكرى الـ 75 للنكبة الفلسطينية يوم 13 مايو
Scenes from the 74th anniversary of Nakba (AUK)

In this light, thousands of people participated in a similar demonstration to commemorate the 74th anniversary of Nakba in front of British Government Headquarters last year; in response to the call of the organizations mentioned above to support Palestine and to condemn the murder of the pillar journalist Shirine Abu Akleh.

Here is the assembly location.

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