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Tantura’: Tickets for controversial documentary UK premiere at BAFTA

Tantura’: Tickets for controversial documentary UK premiere at BAFTA
فريق التحرير 26 April 2023

International Centre of Justice for Palestinians (ICJP) invites you to the UK premiere of the documentary film, Tantura.

The issue of the Tantura massacre has come into recent prominence because of the work of an Israeli researcher, Teddy Katz, who dealt with it at length in his 1998 master’s thesis at Haifa University. Tantura is a ground-breaking documentary film that explores the controversial events that took place in the Palestinian village of Tantura during the 1948 Nakba. The film reviews the findings of the Israeli researcher Teddy Katz in a master’s thesis submitted to the University of Haifa, which aims to document and prove the mass murder committed by Israel in the depopulated village.

A report in the Times of Israel stated that the thesis went unnoticed until the Israeli newspaper Maariv published its findings in 2000. The report stated: “The Israeli Brigade fighters fought Katz, sued him for libel, and the judge assigned to the case dismissed him without listening to the tapes Katz, Katz was pressured to sign a letter of retraction stating that the massacre did not happen, and the university revoked his degree.”

The report added that Katz regretted signing the letter and asked to continue defending himself, and the request reached the Supreme Court, which refused to consider the case.

However, this is the first admission by Israeli parties of the occurrence of this massacre.

Tantura film

Tantura is a ground-breaking documentary, directed by Israeli historian and filmmaker Alon Schwartz that explores the tragedy that took place in the Palestinian village of Tantura during the 1948 Nakba. Through personal testimonies, historical documents, and archival footage, the film examines the massacre and forced expulsion of the Palestinian inhabitants of Tantura by Israeli forces.

After the screening, we will be joined by Professor Avi Shlaim and Professor Nur Masalha, and Yasmine Ahmed (UK Director of Human Rights Watch) for a panel discussion and Q&A session, which will offer a unique opportunity to engage with these distinguished scholars and explore the themes and issues raised in the film.

You can book tickets to attend the show on May 22nd now for £5 before Friday, May 5th, by clicking here

Time: 6 pm – 9 pm

Location: BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) in London

The Tantura Massacre

Tantura’: Tickets for controversial documentary UK premiere at BAFTA
The Tantura Massacre

the Palestinian coastal village of Tantura (population 1,500) was attacked and occupied by units of the Israeli army’s Alexandroni Brigade. In its occupation, depopulation, subsequent destruction, and seizure of all its lands by Israel, the fate of Tantura was similar to that of more than 400 other Palestinian villages during the 1948 war.

After the fall of the village and the massacre, the women and children were taken to the nearby village of Furaydis, which had already fallen but whose inhabitants had not been expelled. The surviving men were held in prison camps and were eventually transported under prisoner exchanges out of Israel; their families followed, The site of the village is now an Israeli recreational area with swimming facilities, and the fortress houses a museum.

At the same time, the film is an opportunity to see more other Israeli films about the events of the Nakba, which the occupation calls the War of Independence. Israel portrays itself to the world as a symbol of development and progress, but it hides under the mask of a system based on apartheid and the crimes of extermination of the Palestinian people. If these crimes are revealed to the world, they will lead to the collapse of everything on which the “state” of Israel is based.

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