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London’s fox hunter got fined

تغريم عدو الثعالب في لندن
ديمة خالد 16 October 2021

London’s fox hunter got fined

In a first-of-its-kind trial, a famous huntsman was fined 3500€ for encouraging illegal hunting acts.

The director of the Masters of Foxhounds Association, Mark Hankinson, had advised hunters to ignore trail-hunting and illegally hunt foxes, as the judge said.

Westminster Magistrates’ Court said he encouraged hunter via two ZOOM webinars in august last year. As he said to use trail-hunting as a “smokescreen” to carry out illegal hunting schemes.

Despite Hankinson denying the accusations, the court found him guilty and fined him 3500€, and some of the UK’s biggest landowners, including National Trust and United Utilities, had suspended trail-hunting in their lands and will carry on a vote later this month to decide whether they would allow it back or not.


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Asylum seekers might be subjected to X-rays to verify their ages.

Suspected asylum seekers will be suspected to X-ray test to verify their ages as stated by Priti Patel.

Some immigrants lie about their age when applying for asylum in the UK, which called Patel to call on X-ray testing to verify their ages and impose visa penalties on countries that do not cooperate with the new plans.

Immigrants pretend to be children when they are adults in order to take on asylum from the UK, X-ray of their forearms or DNA tests will be used to verify their applications.

Taking into mind that Priti Patel is the daughter of an immigrant that used to have an office for immigration applications.


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A new toilet paper factory could create hundreds of new jobs

A new factory in Deeside Industrial estate, in Flintshire, could create up to 46o new jobs.

ICT manufacturers, based in Italy, are planning to open a factory in Deeside through three phases. They plan to begin next May, where 229 jobs will be created in the first phase, and they will continue the three final phases based on the supply-demand. The project is funded by €5m from the Welsh government.

ICT was first created in 1978, their sales are believed to be more than £840m with more than 1698 employees.

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