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UK TREND: Public reacts to stabbing in London hospital

UK TREND: Public reacts to stabbing in Tewkesbury
فريق التحرير 22 June 2023

A man has been arrested in connection with a stabbing attack at a London hospital, where one person was left in a life-threatening condition, and another suffered injuries.

The incident occurred at Central Middlesex Hospital in Park Royal, leading to a temporary lockdown of the facility. The arrested man, who also sustained “self-inflicted” injuries, was apprehended by the police.

Following the necessary measures taken by law enforcement, the hospital has since reopened, now with an increased police presence. Witnesses recounted how patients and visitors were confined to a nurses’ room while the police managed the situation, emphasizing the gravity of the incident.

Public’s Reaction to London Hospital Stabbing

The shocking events at Central Middlesex Hospital have garnered significant attention on Twitter, with the hashtag #CentralMiddlesexHospital trending as users express their disbelief and shock. They also expressed their sympathies to the patients and staff at the hospital.



Several individuals have shared videos that show the area surrounding the hospital during the incident. Their expressed worries about safety in London are pretty concerning, as they suggest that even visiting a hospital nowadays may come with the risk of being stabbed.


In response to the distressing news this afternoon, Wes Streeting, a member of parliament from the Labour Party, expressed his deep concern and conveyed his sympathy to those affected by the incident.

He specifically acknowledged the injured individuals and conveyed his thoughts towards their recovery. Additionally, Streeting expressed gratitude towards the paramedics, police, and first responders for their swift actions in addressing the situation.



Labour MP, Dr Rosena, expresses her heartfelt condolences and wants to assure anyone affected by the incident that they are in her thoughts.


Health and Social Care Secretary Steve Barclay expressed his concern for those injured and affected by the incident that occurred at Central Middlesex Hospital this afternoon. He also extended his gratitude to the paramedics and other first responders who provided immediate medical attention on-site.


Many individuals are concerned about the current state of the UK due to the recent string of unfortunate events.

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