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Birmingham stands with Gaza in every way, and prepares for more

Birmingham stands with Gaza in every way, and prepares for more
صهيب الجابر 9 January 2024

The residents of Birmingham, despite it not being the capital, persist in supporting Palestine and seizing every opportunity to showcase  solidarity with Gaza. On Saturday, January 6th, the people of Birmingham came together in a diverse protest, expressing solidarity through various activities..

In addition to peaceful demonstrations and chants in support of Palestine and Gaza, the protestors also staged a demonstration outside the Barclays Bank branch in Birmingham city center, expressing their desire to shut down the bank and cease dealings due to its alleged funding of “Israel.”

Birmingham Stands for Gaza

“Arabs In UK” Platform covered the events supporting Palestine in Birmingham. Highlighting the significance the city holds for Palestinian supporters, young activist Adam Hajjaz stated, “Birmingham residents persist in organizing demonstrations and protests in support of Palestine.”.

He added, “While London may have more active protesters in terms of numbers, Birmingham competes with London in its sustained support for Palestine.”.

Hajjaz, whose origins trace back to Talluza in the West Bank and who is studying mechanical engineering in Hungary, arrived in Britain days ago to visit his family and participate in Palestinian protests. He expressed that Hungary’s government cracks down on Palestinian supporters, which led him to stay in Birmingham to freely voice his opinions..

On the other front, demonstrators stood at Barclays Bank’s entrance, displaying images of Gaza’s child victims on the bank’s facade to send a message to its employees..

They urged people to close their accounts and cease dealings with Barclays due to the bank’s support for the Zionist entity through investments in occupied territories, along with suspicions of funding the Israeli occupying forces..

Among the protestors was British youth James, who carried the Cuban flag.

When asked, he said, “Cuba has never hesitated from the beginning of the Palestinian tragedy to stand alongside the Palestinian people and expel the Israeli ambassador.”

He further remarked, “The Cuban president consistently joins pro-Palestine demonstrations, which is something that we rarely see across the globe.”.

A Workshop Shedding Light on Palestinian Suffering

At 2 PM, the city hosted a workshop near Smithwick to shed light on the Palestinian people’s plight, gathering various grassroots activists..

The aim of this meeting was to organize and prepare for the upcoming Saturday protest on January 13th, as well as to coordinate participation in the major demonstration scheduled at the end of the month, which will be a global protest centered in London..

Birmingham, along with other British cities, prepares to host further protests in the coming week, with increased participation from Arabs and others in these demonstrations..

According to media surveys, a significant portion of the British population is now aware of the injustices against the Palestinian people, harboring a genuine intent to restrain Israeli occupation forces and compel a comprehensive ceasefire in Gaza.

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