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1445 شعبان 24 | 05 مارس 2024

Will the Israeli aggression on Gaza stop in 2024?

فريق التحرير 2 January 2024

As the new year begins, the Gaza Strip is still under relentless Israeli attacks that have killed and wounded 80,000 people, while its residents show remarkable resilience and resistance that have worn out the occupation forces like never before.

Our hopes for 2024 are to end this massacre, to stop the collective punishment and the ethnic cleansing that Israel is carrying out with US backing, and to bring the war criminals and their accomplices to justice in this indifferent world. But when will the ceasefire come and when will the aggression stop? And will Gaza survive after more than half of it has been destroyed and more than two-thirds of its population have been displaced within its borders, and its infrastructure, including schools, hospitals and services, has been demolished? These are simple questions with complex answers, and no one has a clear answer to them.

The Cost of Freedom: Gaza’s Struggle for Survival and Justice

Thousands calling for ceasefire in Gaza in front of Sunak’s office

7 October have taught us a lot of lessons, it showed us that Gaza will never fall to the hands of its occupier. They will never give in to their oppressor. And that those who rebuilt it before will rebuild it again, despite the high price it’s paying.

The struggle for freedom is always costly, and the oppressor knows nothing but cruelty. The people in the occupied West Bank are also witness to this cruelty.

The current aggression on Gaza costs the occupation and its supporters more than $260m a day, as well as the security, human, social and political costs that Israel pays and will pay as long as the aggression lasts.

While the voices calling for ceasefire grow louder, even from within Israel and its supporters, Netanyahu is still trying to save face and pushing for the war to continues. If anything, this shows how important are global efforts calling for a ceasefire, which must continue and not be discouraged no matter how long the aggression lasts.

The oppressor always expects the people to become numb to the sights of death and destruction , and that they will lose hope of using their rightful means of resistance, such as rallies, walkouts and different kinds of sit-downs and demonstrations, which have caused him and his partners a lot of worry, especially in America and the West. And perhaps this is an opportunity to mention the new calls for a massive global demonstration on 13 January, similar to the global movement that took place to support Iraq in February 2003.

Gaza’s Resilience: A Lesson for the Oppressed and the Oppressors

Thousands calling for ceasefire in Gaza in front of British government
Thousands calling for ceasefire in Gaza in front of British government

The occupier will continue his attempts to smear the demonstrations and brand them as hate, anti-Jewishness and provocation to those who arrange them, but that should not discourage the liberated, but rather make them aware of the significance of their voices in challenging the violence until it ends.

The temporary ceasefire is no longer a goal in any case, and it does not mean more than rearranging the ranks to kill more civilians and innocents. A complete and definite ceasefire is what we, and the world, are demanding.

But one cannot help but think of the people of Gaza as incomparable, while they withstand what no one can. We can only admire the choices they make as we call for the world to stop their suffering.




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