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Qaddoumi: Conservatives are trying to cover up their failure by tightening immigration laws

immigration laws
فريق التحرير 19 January 2024

Al-Arab in UK hosted a live seminar on Wednesday, 17 January, to discuss the recent changes to the immigration law introduced by the British Home Office. The seminar featured Ali Qaddoumi, a legal expert on economics and immigration, and was moderated by Salah Abdullah, a journalist and a member of the platform.

The seminar aimed to inform and advise the Arabs in the UK about the implications of the new immigration law, which was announced by the Conservative government led by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. Sunak has recently reshuffled his cabinet amid criticism over his handling of various issues related to the public services in the country.


AUK Hosts a Live Seminar on the British Immigration Law with Legal Expert Ali Qaddoumi

immigration law


Qaddoumi explained the main aspects of the British immigration law and the latest amendments that affect both immigrants and citizens, especially those who have spouses or family members abroad. He argued that the new law is arbitrary and violates the human rights of immigrants, who have the right to reunite with their families.

He also mentioned that the new law is a diversion tactic by the Conservatives, who are trying to cover up their failures by tightening the immigration rules.


Al-Qudumi: Conservatives are trying to cover up their failure by tightening immigration laws
Ali Qaddoumi during AUK’s Live (AUK)


Qaddoumi warned that the new law will discourage many potential immigrants from coming to work in the UK, as they will face more difficulties and restrictions.

This will have a negative impact on the British economy, which is already suffering from a shortage of labor and a high unemployment rate, due to the hasty policy of the Conservatives.


The seminar was followed by a Q&A session, where the viewers asked Qaddoumi various questions related to the immigration procedures and the types of travel visas. Qaddoumi answered the questions in a comprehensive and clear manner, and Abdullah announced that Qaddoumi will participate in more seminars to provide further legal advice.

Al-Arab in UK organizes regular seminars on different topics, which are held in different locations in the UK, as well as through live broadcasts on social media platforms. The platform aims to bridge the gap between the Arab communities and provide guidance in all aspects of life.

Watch full broadcast here.

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