Zakat al Fitr (Fitrana) Amount in UK 2022

 Zakat al Fitr
 Zakat al Fitr (Fitrana) Amount in UK 2022 (AUK)

Zakat al Fitr (also known as Fitrana) is a form of charitable donation given to the poor at the end of the holy month of Ramadan before the Eid prayer.

Zakat al Fitr erases what a Muslim might commit during the blessed month of Ramadan of legal prohibitions in his fasting, as well as it saves poor families the hardship of asking, and brings joy and happiness to their hearts on the day of Eid.

 Amount of Fitrana in UK 


Zakat al Fitr
Zakat al Fitr (Fitrana) Amount in UK 2022 (Unsplash)

With the advent of the last ten days of Ramadan every year, Muslims in Britain frequently ask questions about Fitrana: How much is it? Should it be given in food or cash? And what is the due date?

In this article, we provide you with all the details about the value of Zakat al-Fitr in Britain for the year 2022.


Who is eligible to pay Fitrana?

Fitrana must be given by every self-supporting Muslim who has food in excess of his needs, on behalf of himself and his dependents. However, If you pay Fitrana after Eid prayer, it will be considered a Sadaqah like other Sadaqahs.

While all experts are unanimously agreed that zakat al fitr is mandatory, the Zahiriyya and Maliki schools said that it is a “Sunnah”.


How much is Zakat al Fitr?

After reviewing the researches presented on the subject of paying zakat al fitr, and after extensive discussions of jurists and experts, the “European Council for Fatwa and Research” estimated the value of zakat al fitr in the United Kingdom for the year 2022 at 7 pounds, taking into consideration the rise of food prices in the British market.

Fitrana shoud be given as one saa’ of food (Such as: wheat, barley, dates, raisins), and one saa’ is equivalent to four madd (the amount that can be scooped up when one puts their hands together).

The “European Council for Fatwa and Research” estimated one saa’ as 2.25 kilograms, while the “Permanent Committee for Scholarly Research and Fatwa” in Saudi Arabia estimated it at 3 kilograms. (

And if we suppose that the price of a kilo of rice in UK is 3 pounds, then the cost of a saa’ of rice is 3 * 2.25 = 6.75 pounds, which makes the amount of Zakat al-Fitr about 7 pounds (the amount announced by the Central Mosque in London as well).

Prices per kilogram of rice in British stores

  • Asda: £1
  • Tesco: £1.85
  • Sainsbury: £1.35
  • Other local stores: £2

Some varieties of rice are priced at 5 pounds per kilogram.

Links for paying Zakat al Fitr in UK for 2022

Amount of Fitrana in UK 2022 (Unsplash)

♦️ Syria Relief

Syria Relief launched a donation campaign on its website to facilitate the process of Muslims paying their Zakat al-Fitr and to help extremely poor families in Syria and Yemen.

The donation link is here.

♦️ Islamic Relief

It is one of the largest Islamic charities in the world that allows you to pay your zakat to the poorest families in different countries.

The donation link is here

♦️ IF Charity

Based on a long experience in the field of charitable work, IF Charity helps to deliver Zakat al Fitr to the most vulnerable families in Palestine.

The donation link is here.

♦️ Action for Humanity

Action for Humanity is also facilitating the payment of Zakat al Fitr to the most poor people in several countries.

The donation link is here.

♦️ Muslim Hands

Muslim Hands urges Muslims to embrace the core values ​​of the holy month of Ramadan, and to show kindness and sympathy for the affected countries around the world.

The donation link is here.

♦️ Salam Charity

Finally, Salam Charity facilitates the task of paying Fitrana in different regions around the world.

The donation link is here.

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