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UK TREND :  Racist attack on a schoolgirl sparks outrage on Twitter

UK TREND :  Racist attack on a schoolgirl sparks outrage on Twitter
فريق التحرير 10 February 2023

A “serious racially aggravated assault” on a black teenager outside a school in Ashford, Surrey, is the subject of five arrests, according to the police. Surrey police were called after a fight broke out outside Thomas Knyvett college on Monday afternoon, and they later detained a 39-year-old woman, a 16-year-old girl, and two 11-year-old girls on suspicion of attempting to cause great bodily harm based on race.

Calls for the dismissal of the school principal after the racist attack

Onlookers can be heard shouting, “Kick her in the face,” as the black schoolgirl is shown being punched, kicked, and having her braids pulled out in video that has been shared online. The topic has been trending on Twitter since the video’s spread, with people expressing their outrage over it. They have been calling for the dismissal of the school’s headteacher because he stood by and allowed the violence to occur.

Members of the public were tweeting about how “ horrified they are about the attack on the young Black girl”. One individual expressed that “ the failure of staff to intervene should also be regarded as a form of violence”.

Another said that for the “ black girl to be under violent attack and for the head of school to stand causally watching is exactly the sort of institutional failure that can’t be fixed by mollycoddling white authority figures with unconscious bias training”.

People were advocating for “ the headteacher of the school to be sacked with immediate effect as he failed to take any action but just stood there and witnessed the girl be violently attacked”.

It was also highlighted that this incident exemplifies “ how black people are alone in the UK. As when the racial attack on this young black girl took place, there was no support from other communities, other adults were driving past watching it happen and taking no action.”

Reporter Ria Chatterjee shared footage of protestors outside the school who were chanting for “ the school to be closed” following the racial assault on the young girl”.

Furious protestors were also chanting “ All for one and one for all , we will pull up outside your door”.

Politicians such as members of Parliament are also aware of the incident, and one is calling for : the professional conduct of teachers at the school to be investigated after girls are arrested for racially motivated violence with other adults encouraging them further”.

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