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UK TREND : The public reacts to planned Heathrow strikes

The public reacts to Heathrow strikes
فريق التحرير 8 June 2023

Heathrow Airport’s security personnel have announced an escalation of strike measures, scheduling walkouts on almost every weekend between mid-June and the end of August. The ongoing pay dispute involving members of Unite led to previous industrial action during the past month and Easter holidays.

Heathrow strikes ignite Twitter

The public reacts to planned Heathrow strikes
The public reacts to planned Heathrow strikes

Commencing on June 24th, a total of 31 strike days will be carried out by over 2,000 security staff. Notably, Heathrow Terminal 3 officers will participate in the industrial action for the first time during the upcoming dates.

Upon learning of this development, the public has taken to Twitter to express their concerns regarding the forthcoming strikes. Travelers, in particular, who have flights booked during these periods, are apprehensive about potential flight cancellations or disruptions resulting from the strikes.

The public expressed strong anger towards security workers for their decision to go on further strikes, despite being presented with a 10% pay rise offer.

There was widespread outrage among the public as the workers claimed they were not directly targeting passengers, yet their decision to strike every weekend disrupted flight schedules significantly, while giving them the opportunity to enjoy their weekends off during the summer.

Travelers with flights booked on the dates of the planned strikes took to Twitter to reach out to airlines, inquiring about potential disruptions and requesting information on the possibility of changing their flights to avoid any delays.

People expressed their distress on Twitter regarding the strike news, particularly those who had booked flights months in advance and invested significant amounts of money, now faced with the possibility of cancellation or significant delays.

Passengers, expressing their anger, were sharing the sentiment that these workers must be earning a substantial amount already if they have the financial ability to engage in a month-long strike.

A disgruntled Twitter user further vented their frustration, stating that the security officers’ decision to strike for 31 days was intentionally disrupting people’s holidays. They suggested that if the workers were dissatisfied with their job, they should pursue alternative careers, highlighting their assumption that the workers had ample financial resources if they could afford to take an entire month off.

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