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UK TREND: Twitter users criticise Rishi Sunak and ministers

فريق التحرير 11 February 2023

UK TREND- A Labour analysis asserts that Rishi Sunak and ten of his ministers have received more than £290,000 from oil and gas companies. The news was brought to light the same week that it was revealed Shell had achieved its highest-ever annual profit of £32 billion, more than doubling its previous record.


The hashtag #Rishi has received over 40 thousand tweets since the news was published, increasing its popularity. Members of the general public have been vocal about their disappointment, claiming that this is yet more evidence that the Conservative government is unfit to lead because their only priority is earning profit.




Individuals have been sharing the news and giving their own analysis. One user shared that the thousands of pounds those ministers have received “ illustrates why the government will not tax energy companies”.



Another user stated this money is “ clearly a form of bribery, in order to keep the Prime Minster and his government silent about the corruption taking place”.



The general public was in agreement that this situation provides additional evidence that the conservative government prioritises profit over the needs of the general population. This is completely at odds with their duty to serve the general welfare as representatives chosen by the voting public.



Citizens’ Interests



One twitter user shared the news and stated “ the conservative government is clearly the enemy of the people and sold out the British public for pay offs!”.



Another twitter account shared the news and tweeted “ this is the real reason the corrupt conservatives will not tax the oil and gas giants who are making billions for themselves and millions for the ministers”.



One individual highlighted the harsh reality the British public is living, as while they are “ struggling to pay for energy bills, to pay for petrol. The conservative minsters are facing no trouble , as they are receiving additional incomes. For example in this case , the nearly £300,000 thousands from oil and gas companies.




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