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UK General Elections: The Muslim Vote Endorses a List of Candidates

UK General Elections The Muslim Vote Endorses a List of Candidates
Saja Yaser 25 May 2024

As the United Kingdom approaches another significant election in July, political endorsements are pivotal in guiding the preferences of various communities. Among these, The Muslim Vote, a prominent organization representing UK Muslim interests, has recently announced its support for a roster of candidates.

These endorsements are crucial as they reflect the candidates’ alignment with the issues and values important to Muslims in the UK, especially the ongoing issues in Gaza.

Candidates Endorsed for UK General Elections 2024

London and Surrounding Areas:

UK General Elections The Muslim Vote Endorses a List of Candidates
(X/The Muslim Vote)
  • Leanne Mohamad (Ilford North): A British-Palestinian activist, Leanne has been vocal about Palestinian rights and has expressed significant criticism of current political stances on Gaza. Her campaign emphasizes the need for a more proactive approach to Palestinian support.
  • Jeremy Corbyn (Islington North): Known for his long-standing support for Palestinian issues, Corbyn has been a critical voice against the UK government’s policies towards Israel and has advocated for Palestinian rights throughout his career.
  • Shockat Adam (Leicester South): Adam’s campaign focuses on fighting hate and discrimination, as well as supporting the NHS.
  • Andrew Feinstein (Holborn & St Pancras): As a former South African MP and a critic of apartheid, Feinstein has been vocal in his opposition to the UK’s foreign policy concerning Gaza and Israel. He stands against what he perceives as the UK’s complicity in the injustices faced by Palestinians.
  • Pamela Fitzpatrick (Harrow West): Pamela has been actively involved in human rights advocacy.
  • Emma Dent Coad (Kensington & Bayswater): Emma has been involved in social justice issues, particularly focusing on housing and inequality.
  • Sophia Naqvi (West Ham & Beckton): Sophia has been active in her local community, particularly in issues of public concern.
  • Sameh Habeeb (Ealing North): Running under the Workers Party of Britain, and endorsed by the Arab Voice Campaign, Palestinian British Habeeb will not only demand the rights of the Palestinian people and stop the crimes of the occupation in Gaza, but he will also seek to improve all services for the residents of Ealing North, as was explained by his party leader George Galloway.

Midlands and Northern England:

UK General Elections The Muslim Vote Endorses a List of Candidates
(X/The Muslim Vote)
  • Ayoub Khan (Birmingham Perry Barr): Ayoub Khan is emphasizing local community improvements and investment in his constituency, focusing on the regeneration of Aston and providing accessible counsel to residents through regular advisory bureaux.
  • Chris Williamson (Derby South): Williamson’s campaign is centered around calling for justice in Gaza. In fact, his banners prominently feature the Palestinian flag.
  • Ahmed Yakoob (Birmingham Ladywood): As a Muslim himself, Yakoob aims to be a voice for the voiceless in the UK. He also centers his campaign around Palestine.
  • Yvonne Ridley (Newcastle Central & West): Yvonne, a convert to Islam and former journalist, has been a vocal supporter of Muslim community issues.

Other Key Regions:

(X/The Muslim Vote)
  • Alison Thewliss (Glasgow North): Alongside many social issues, Thewliss has expressed the urgent need for a Palestinian Visa Scheme, and support for asylum seekers overall.
  • Michael Lavalette (Preston): Lavalette is a visiting Professor at the University of Bethlehem, and an Honorary member of the Palestinian Writers Union. He has been outspokenly supportive of action for Palestine in recent months.
  • George Galloway (Rochdale): Galloway is well-known for his vocal support of Palestinian rights and has been a consistent critic of Israeli policies in Gaza. He has positioned himself as a defender of Muslim community interests on multiple occasions.
  • Azhar Chohan (Slough): ‘Genocide in Gaza,’ housing, and safer streets are behind a former Labour Party caseworker’s decision to stand as an independent candidate in Slough.

The Arab Voice Campaign

George Galloway: Who Could Hesitate to Back Sameh Habeeb for North Ealing?
These endorsements by The Muslim Vote signify a strategic approach to influence policies and decisions that align with the values and needs of Muslim communities in the UK. Each candidate has demonstrated a commitment to issues such as social justice, economic inequality, and community welfare, which resonate strongly within these communities.

In addition to the endorsements by The Muslim Vote, the Arab Voices Campaign is also playing a critical role in mobilizing the Arab community in the UK ahead of the upcoming general elections scheduled for July 4th, 2024. This campaign has been a vocal advocate for engaging the Arab population, emphasizing the significant impact this community can have in various constituencies.

Launched in February 2024, the Arab Voice Campaign includes more than 120 influential figures across Britain, coordinated by an elected team of 12 members. Their efforts are focused on endorsing candidates who stand in solidarity with the Arab community, particularly those who support and advocate against injustices faced by the people in Gaza.

The campaign underscores the importance of active participation in the elections, warning against the consequences of apathy which could lead to the advancement of candidates and policies detrimental to the community’s interests.

The Arab Voices Campaign collaborates closely with The Muslim Vote and other initiatives to ensure that the concerns and aspirations of the Arab community are not only heard but significantly influence the election outcomes.

This coordinated effort aims to ensure a collective and powerful representation in the democratic process, advocating for justice and supporting candidates who align with their principles.


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