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Two million people across England got the Covid-19 Booster vaccine

مليونا شخص في بريطانيا حصلوا على الجرعة الثالثة من لقاح كورونا
ديمة خالد 10 October 2021

According to the NHS, two million people have had their Covid-19 booster vaccine across England.

As reported by The Independent; The booster vaccine is being given to people with severely weakened immunity and might not have had a good response to the initial vaccines, and the health and social care workers.


What Did the Experts Say?

The chief nursing officer for England, Ruth May, told The Independent that she had her booster vaccine ahead of the winter season to protect herself and those around her, she also encouraged others who were eligible to take it as well.

Ruth May had also added: “Thanks to the incredible efforts of NHS staff who have been vaccinating at mosques, sports grounds, and community centers, those who are eligible and most at risk from coronavirus have been able to get their booster shot.”

She mentioned to The Independent: “I have received my booster shot ahead of winter to protect myself and those around me. I would urge others to do the same. It is quick, effective, and provides really important protection against the virus.”

Some of the positive effects of taking the booster dose are to help the ones who suffer from severely weak immunity and to help protect them from the new covid-19 variants.


Vaccination Percentage in the UK is Less Than Neighbouring Countries

So far, 49 million people had their first dose of the vaccine – around 73% of the population – and 45 million people had their second dose of the vaccine – around 67% of the population -. In the beginning, The UK had the highest rates of vaccination, but now they have become the 12th across Europe.

This is thought to be caused by the late decision to give the vaccination to children of age 12 and over, unlike many other countries. Some countries, such as France and Scotland, also created a vaccination passport system but the UK did it. (


Who is Eligible for The Booster Dose?

People who are currently eligible for the booster dose are those aged 50 and over, people who are health and social workers, and those between the ages 16-49 and who have health issues that can put them at more risk from the virus.

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