Tony Blair knighted despite dark history in the Iraq War

Tony Blair knighted despite dark history in the Iraq War منح لقب سير لتوني بلير بتجاهل ماضيه في حرب العراق
LONDON / UNITED KINGDOM - NOVEMBER 14: Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair arrives in Downing Street ahead of Remembrance Sunday ceremony in Whitehall in London, England on November 14 2021. ( Tayfun Salci - Anadolu Agency )
Tony Blair knighted despite dark history in the Iraq War (Anadolu Agency) 

Queen Elizabeth knights former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, despite criticisms of his “crimes” in the Iraq war.

According to British news outlets, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair was awarded knighthood this week, sparking anger among Britons due to Blair’s “involvement in the Iraq war.”

In 2010, media circulated the story of the Queen’s refusal to award Tony Blair because of passages concerning the Queen and the royal family in his autobiography; A Journey: My Political Life.

Over 20 years later, his name appeared in the New Year Honours List for 2022, and he is to be appointed a Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, which is one of the most prestigious royal honours and most senior British order of knighthood.

He released a statement on twitter thanking Her Majesty the Queen for the new title.

Heavy Criticism

News of Blair’s knighthood has caused controversy among politicians and citizens alike, as Blair has long been a highly contentious figure in the UK for his role in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The former PM was involved in the “extremist measures”, as they have been described over the years, taken in Iraq based on intelligence claiming the Arab country’s possession of weapons of mass destruction.

Anas Altikriti, the CEO and Founder of The Cordoba Foundation in the UK, tweeted:

Some have also compared Tony Blair’s knighthood to the treatment of former Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn. One user said: “Tony Blair got awarded a knighthood for killing one million innocent civilians. Jeremy Corbyn got thrown to the wolves for saying he wouldn’t incinerate an entire city with a nuclear bomb.”

# Tony Blair knighted despite dark history in the Iraq War

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