Britain First’s comeback as a political party threatens Muslims in UK

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - OCTOBER 09: Muslims taking part at the first ever congregational Friday prayer in Parliament Square in London, England on October 9, 2015. The prayer was organised by 'Muslim Climate Action' group and it is first time a Jammu'ah prayer takes place in Parliament Square as a demonstration of a strong and united voice from British Muslim communities calling for change and action on climate change.

The Electoral Commission announced on Monday that Britain First was allowed to, yet again, be an official political party. Muslims have many reasons to fear this decision.

The far-right movement was active as a party four years ago. It was deregistered, however, for failing to renew its registration on time.

Islamophobia in the Far Right

The renewing has shocked Muslims across the UK. Anjum Peerbacos, a Muslim woman residing in Britain, wrote to the Mirror expressing the horror of this development.

“In the wake of Brexit and then the aftermath of George Floyd, how is it possible that we are in a place where the Far Right have become even more emboldened?” she writes to the website.

As a visibly Muslim woman wearing the hijab, Peerbacos described Britain First’s rallying methods to be “incredibly offensive and frightening.”

She says: “Actually, I find that their stance overtly incites hatred against Muslims and Islam in the UK.”

Britain First’s comeback as a political party threatens Muslims in UK (Credit: Anadolu)

“I am absolutely gobsmacked that a party with such views and ideologies has been allowed to stand as an official political party, potentially allowing for members of parliament to espouse these views in the Commons,” she added.

In her opinion, Britain First have provoked hatred based on race or religion, which is a crime in the eyes of British laws.


Some – much like Peerbacos’ husband – may not be surprised by this decision in the “post-Brexit world.”

Hate crimes against immigrants or people of different race or religion spiked after the 2016 referendum, according to her. “Brexit benefitted from the othering of people, and Britain First does the same.”

She claimed that Britain First previously stated the following regarding Muslims and Islam existing in Europe: “There is a cancer moving through Europe and that is Islam. Our children are being bombed, our children are being groomed and our government does nothing … Evil will not prevail.”

By registering them as a political party, their hate speech is now legitimated and made official, says Peerbacos. “As a visibly Muslim woman, this frightens me to my very core.”

Source: The Mirror


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