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Arab Candidates for the British Parliament: Taghrid Al-Mawed and Nada Jarche

Taghrid Al-Mawed and Nada Jarche Two Arab Candidates for the British Parliament
سجى ياسر 1 May 2024

In the upcoming parliamentary elections, the Arab community in the UK has much to celebrate with the candidacy of several dynamic individuals, among them Taghrid Al-Mawed and Nada Jarche. Both are poised to bring their unique perspectives to British politics.

Here, Al-Arab in the UK (AUK) proudly introduces you to both candidates:

Taghrid Al-Mawed: A New Voice for Alyn and Deeside

Taghrid Al-Mawed and Nada Jarche: Two Arab Candidates for the British Parliament

Taghrid Al-Mawed’s candidacy in Alyn and Deeside represents a fresh and fervent voice from the Workers Party GB. Born in Sidon and raised in the Ain Al Hilweh refugee camp, Al-Mawed’s life experiences have instilled in her a strong sense of justice and a commitment to the working class.

Al-Mawed is focused on transforming Alyn and Deeside, an industrial region in North East Wales, by redistributing wealth back to those who create it and advocating for Wales to become a food bank-free zone.

Taghrid Al-Mawed and Nada Jarche: Two Arab Candidates for the British Parliament

Her political engagement is also deeply influenced by the plight of the Palestinian people, emphasizing the ongoing struggle against occupation and advocating for their rights within the UK political landscape.

With a background in international politics and law, Al-Mawed is driven to change the UK for the better, championing the needs of workers and the disenfranchised. Her presence on social media, particularly X (previously Twitter), highlights her active engagement with both local and international issues, making her a notable figure in modern British politics.

“I want to help the party to make sure the workers in Wales and the rest of the UK redistribute the wealth back down to those that created the wealth in the first place,” Al-Mawed explains, highlighting her focus on economic justice and community empowerment.

Nada Jarche: Championing Diversity and Community in Hammersmith and Chiswick

Taghrid Al-Mawed and Nada Jarche: Two Arab Candidates for the British Parliament

Nada Jarche, representing the Worker Party of Britain in Hammersmith and Chiswick, brings a wealth of experience and a commitment to inclusivity and community empowerment.

Born in Abu Dhabi and raised in the United Arab Emirates until the age of 10, Jarche moved to London in 1999, a city that has significantly shaped her identity and outlook. Her campaign is rooted in addressing local issues and ensuring that the diverse voices of her constituency are heard in Parliament.

“I am running to represent our community and fight for the issues that matter most to us,” Jarche states, emphasizing her deep understanding of local challenges. Her educational background in Media Arts from St Mary’s University Twickenham and a Higher National Diploma in Education and Training have equipped her with valuable skills and insights, particularly in fostering open communication and collaboration.

Taghrid Al-Mawed and Nada Jarche: Two Arab Candidates for the British Parliament

Her platform focuses on sustainable economic growth, supporting local businesses, and advocating for human rights and equality. Importantly, Jarche emphasizes the need for increased humanitarian aid to Gaza and a just future for Palestine, reflecting her deep connection to her Palestinian heritage.

Celebrating Arab Representation

The candidacies of Taghrid Al-Mawed and Nada Jarche are significant not only for their political agendas but also for the representation they offer to the Arab community in the UK. Both candidates bring perspectives shaped by their unique backgrounds and experiences, promoting diversity and inclusion within the British political system.

As the elections approach, the Arab community has an opportunity to support candidates who reflect their values and experiences, potentially transforming the political landscape to be more inclusive and responsive to the needs of all citizens. The presence of Al-Mawed and Jarche in British politics is a testament to the growing influence and integration of Arabs in the UK, paving the way for future generations to contribute actively to public life.

Taghrid Al-Mawed and Nada Jarche Two Arab Candidates for the British Parliament

Their stories inspire and their visions promise a more inclusive and equitable future, encouraging more participation from diverse backgrounds in shaping the course of the UK. For the Arab community and beyond, the success of Al-Mawed and Jarche could mean a significant step forward in achieving greater representation and voice in British politics.

These upcoming elections come with AUK’s campaign for “Arab Voices,” encouraging Arab participation and representation within the UK community.


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