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UK Arab Vote Campaign Launches “Support My Candidate” Initiative

UK Arab Vote Campaign Launches “Support My Candidate” Initiative
اية محمد 14 April 2024

The UK Arab Vote Campaign introduces the “Support My Candidate” initiative, aimed at encouraging individuals to endorse candidates they are familiar with in both local and general elections, employing a series of strategic steps.

Steps of the The UK Arab Vote Campaign: 

1. Personal Connection: When individuals recommend candidates they personally know, people trust recommendations from friends, family, and acquaintances more than distant recommendations.

2. External Influence: General legislative elections directly affect our communities and issues, especially those related to condemning the atrocities in Gaza. Therefore, encourage candidates who stand in solidarity with Gaza is important.

3. Local Impact: Local elections affect municipalities on issues relevant to our communities, encourage candidates committed to improving the area with a good reputation and not involved in supporting corrupt individuals can lead to positive improvements in schools, infrastructure, public services, and more.

4. Vision: Candidates benefit from word-of-mouth recommendations. When people share their positive experiences with a particular candidate, it broadens their horizons and helps them connect with a larger audience.

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5. Participation: Encouraging others to recommend candidates enhances civil participation and encourages discussions on policies, values, and the direction of society in the future.

6. Diversity of Opinions: Recommending candidates we know allows us to highlight diverse voices. By sharing information about candidates from different backgrounds, we contribute to achieving a more inclusive political direction.

7. Inspiration: When individuals see others actively engaging in the electoral process, it motivates and encourages them to participate. Therefore, your recommendation could be an incentive for someone else to participate in the voting process.

Hence, we have provided this link here to fill in the information of the candidate you wish to support, whether they are running at the municipal or parliamentary level.


The UK Arab Vote Campaign emphasized the importance of each recommendation, whether for a local council member or a parliamentarian; a single recommendation can make a significant difference.

It is worth mentioning that the UK Arab Vote Campaign is an initiative launched by the Arab Platform in Britain, with the participation of over 120 Arab figures from various cities in the United Kingdom. Its aim is to increase Arab British engagement with elections and achieve a better representation for them, serving their convictions and common values, especially after the widespread dissatisfaction in the country with politicians who supported Israel in its aggression against Gaza.

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