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UK Arab Influencers Launch ‘Ramadan Campaign’ to Reduce Prices

ديمة خالد 24 February 2024

A group of Arab influencers in the UK have launched a campaign to persuade Arab and Muslim shop owners to lower the prices of food products ahead of Ramadan, the holy month of fasting.

Influencers call on shop owners to cut prices for fasting month

When is Ramadan campaign 2024

The campaign, named “Ramadan Campaign 2024”, was initiated by Nabil Al-Soufi, a popular influencer who posts content for the Arab community in Britain. He was joined by several other influencers who wanted to raise awareness and put pressure on the traders to offer more affordable prices for the items that are in high demand during Ramadan, such as dates, halal meat, and drinks.

Al-Soufi told the Al-Arab in UK (AUK) platform that he started the campaign spontaneously after receiving complaints from consumers about the high prices in some Arab stores, which they blamed on the shipping costs. He said he posted a video about the issue and received a lot of positive feedback from the Arab circles. He added that he was ready to go to the street and cover the events of the campaign himself.

He said that the campaign was a grassroots initiative that aimed to benefit the people and ease their burdens, especially in light of the deteriorating economic situation in Britain. He hoped that the campaign would inspire other Arab traders not only in Britain, but also in Europe, America, Canada, and other countries.

Al-Arab in UK interviews Arab Muslims in UK

Ramadan campaign

Al-Arab in UK (AUK) platform also participated in the campaign by conducting interviews with Arab consumers and listening to their grievances, as well as with shop owners who showed their price lists and explained the details of their goods. The platform said it would soon broadcast these interviews and special coverage through its website.

The campaign comes as the Arab and Muslim community in Britain prepares for Ramadan, which is expected to start in mid-March. The community usually frequents the Arab grocery stores and halal food markets to stock up on food and drinks for the month of fasting, which is considered a time of spiritual devotion, charity, and solidarity.


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