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1445 ذو الحجة 10 | 17 يونيو 2024

Art as Resistance: The Ghassan Kanafani Prize for Palestinian Narratives

Art as Resistance: The Ghassan Kanafani Prize for Palestinian Narratives
ديمة خالد 23 April 2024

The Palestinian Youth Movement in Britain is organizing a Ghassan Kanafani Resistance Arts Prize where Palestinian and Arab youth, between the ages of 16 and 30, residing in Britain can submit their Palestine-related artworks. The theme for this year’s prize is “Narratives Beyond Time: Legacies of Palestinian Resistance.” Selected pieces will be published in an anthology, and the top three will receive monetary prizes.

Canvas of Struggle: The Ghassan Kanafani Prize Honors Palestinian Resilience

الأديب الفلسطيني الراحل غسان كنفاني

Named after Ghassan Kanafani, this prize aims to revitalise the role of art and culture in resistance, similar to how Ghassan Kanafani infused political resistance into his art. He was a prolific writer who published many short stories, novellas, plays, articles, and more, depicting the bitter reality of exile and dispossession through his works.

Kanafani was not only a writer, but also a leading political figure in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and he was assassinated by the Israeli Mossad on July 8, 1972 in Beirut.

حركة الشباب الفلسطيني

The Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM) is a transnational, independent, grassroots movement of Palestinian and Arab youth who are in exile as a result of the ongoing Zionist colonisation of their homeland. The PYM strives to motivate youth to assume an active role as a young generation in their national struggle for the liberation of their homeland and people. Irrespective of differing political, cultural, and social backgrounds, the PYM aims to revive a tradition of pluralistic commitment towards the Palestinian cause to ensure a future characterised by freedom and justice for this generation and subsequent generations.

We encourage all youth to submit their art pieces by the 29th of April. For more details, you can visit the link in the bio of @pymbritain on Instagram. You can also view more details about the prize here 

To submit your work you can use this application form here

For any inquiries get in touch at


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