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Man fined for parking too long at a restaurant

فريق التحرير 13 October 2021

KFC fined a 77-year-old man for parking too long in its parking lot. The limit was one hour for each car, Tony Long exceeded that by nearly 45 minutes.

The pensioner and his wife arranged a meeting with some friends at a KFC outlet in Birmingham on Friday, reports Birmingham Live. The group have been unable to meet up due to covid restrictions, especially since they are a part of those most vulnerable to the virus.

The pensioner told Birmingham Live: “We were meeting some friends at KFC in New Oscott and because of Covid we haven’t been able to meet them.”

Tony said the car park was empty when he and his wife arrived shortly before 12.30pm and they ordered two two-piece chicken meals with sides. (Ambien) They were naturally happy to meet with their close friends after four months apart. Their whole outing should have cost them gas costs and the meal for £12.98.

Then they were hit with a £100 fine by KFC.

One hour is not enough for a chat

Tony said that most places in that area had a limit up to 3 hours. He added that the signs indicating the new limit rule were unnoticeable. “The last time we went and met the same friends we were there way over an hour and didn’t get a fine,” quoted the Mirror.

He refused to pay the fine, saying he would “rather go to the small claims court.” Following threats of a boycott, KFC have performed a U-turn and scrapped the £100 fine issued to Tony and Pauline Long.

A spokesperson for KFC said the limit is usually okay because people “don’t tend to stay with us quite as long as Anthony did.”

Source: The Mirror, Birmingham Live