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Humane Asylum in Britain

Humane Asylum in Britain
Mohammed Sameh 6 September 2021

By Mohammed Sameh

Humane asylum is considered one of the many types of asylums recognized in Britain. In short, it imparts the right of asylum to individuals who have escaped from harsh living conditions, and those who were exposed to wars or persecution. Those individuals are in dire need of humanitarian protection, as they are unable to return in one way or another to their country, whether that is due to the country’s policies or because of sectarian or ethnic reasons. That is why they resort to any European country asking for asylum. In this article, they choose Great Britain as a refuge from their current circumstances, in hopes of living a stable, happy life, just like anyone else living in peace and security.

Here, we must not confuse the different types of asylums. Humane asylum in Britain differs from other forms of asylum, such as political asylum, to which politically active individuals often resort.

Persons are granted humane asylum after actual arrival in Britain. They leave their country and their families behind because they believe that there is no way of returning home without facing significant consequences or endangering their lives. Some of the main reasons include: scourge of wars between countries, party affiliations, engagement in a group that has a special opposition vision, or issues of race or sexual orientation. Such reasons propel an individual towards applying for humane asylum in Britain or elsewhere.


How to apply for humanitarian asylum in Britain

Upon arrival on British soil, asylum seekers are immediately presented to the authorities, whether that’s officials at the airport or at the ports. Alternatively, asylum seekers may identify themselves as such upon entering Britain, then they would resort to the nearest police station, if they entered Britain through a tourist, work, or student visa.


What are the reasons that justify asylum in Britain?

When asylum seekers reach Britain, they must present clear and convincing reasons that support their purpose in seeking asylum there, or explain the reasons that prompted them to come to Britain for asylum. They must also procure evidential documents capable of supporting their claims and proving their real exposure to physical danger, persecution, or fear of imprisonment in their home country. Or they can simply submit any other documents that might help their chances of getting humane asylum in Britain.


The Right of Asylum in Britain

Chances of obtaining humane asylum in Britain, as with the entire asylum file in Britain, are a subject in which the United Kingdom is very intransigent, so it tends to treat asylum seekers on its territory in a strict manner. As such, Britain demands legitimacy that stems from providing strong and tangible evidence, which then prove the validity of an individual’s claim as a humane asylum seeker in the country.

However, there are some countries that have been struck by disasters and wars so widely known; its citizens do not need to provide evidence for asylum. Examples of that include our brothers and sisters in Syria, Libya, Yemen, and other occupied or internally and politically unstable countries. We do not mean to say that the path to obtaining asylum in Britain is easy for Syrians, but the situation would certainly be different for, say, asylum seekers who have another fingerprint in one of the countries listed in the Dublin Regulation; they will not be accepted and will be promptly pushed back whence they came.

In the case of people coming to Britain hoping to obtain humane or political asylum, but their country situation was one of calm and stable conditions, they will most likely be denied asylum. In this instance, Britain will recognize the main goal of asylum to be escaping from the country’s economic situation, and that the individual only requested asylum to find employment and residence in Britain, and not for humane purposes, as they claim.

Source: AlHigra

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