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Healthy Ramadan Cymru in its Third Edition for 2023

Healthy Ramadan Cymru 2023
فريق التحرير 29 March 2023

For the third year, the Muslim Doctors Cymru (MDC) celebrated the success of the  “Healthy Ramadan Cymru 2023” campaign. The celebration took place yesterday Tuesday 28 March, in the Welsh Parliament during a meeting to launch the new posters of Diabetes UK, which will include guidance for diabetes in eight different languages ​​to include all ethnic groups living in Wales.

Dr Mohmma Alhadj Ali, head of the Syrian Welsh society, took the initiative to launch the new diabetes posters in cooperation with Diabetes UK. The First Minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford, Minister for Health and Social Services of Wales, Elunid Morgan, Director of the British Diabetes Association in Wales, Rachel Barr, and several Welsh parliamentarians attended the meeting and ceremony.

Guidelines for Diabetes


حملة رمضان الصحة في ويلز تدخل عامها الثالث
Dr Mohammad Alhadj Ali with Mark Drakeford with the new diabetes poster


Dr Alhadj Ali delivered a speech at the event emphasizing the significance of joint work between different associations and institutions to build a better society. He then proceeded to speak of the “Healthy Ramadan Cymru 2023” campaign which he launched 3 years ago.

The First Minister then took the stage and expressed his gratitude to the British Diabetes Association, Dr Alhadj Ali and the Muslim Doctors Cymru in Wales for their joint efforts to build a healthy and educated society. He also thanked the efforts of the “Healthy Ramadan Cymru 2023” campaign.


Healthy Ramadan Cymru 2023


Dr Mohammad Alhadj Ali with Mark Drakeford with the new diabetes poster
Dr Mohammad Alhadj Ali with Mark Drakeford and the head of Diabetes UK holding the new diabetes poster


The “Healthy Ramadan Cymru 2023” was launched in 2021, in cooperation with several institutions, including Diabetes UK, the Muslim Council Wales, Cardiff University of Medicine, and the British Islamic Medical Association.

The Muslim Medical Association of Wales organized a number of educational events and webinars in four different languages and provided advice to Muslims in the UK. The campaign addressed how to maintain your health in the holy month of Ramadan and how to reduce fatigue and the possibility of illness during fasting periods.




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