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Ahl Al-Bayt Culture Center Calls for Protecting the New Generation

فريق التحرير 6 May 2023

Ahl al-Bayt Cultural Center in London organized a cultural session on Wednesday, May, 2023, to discuss ways to protect the protect the Arab family and children in light of the current conditions and the difficulties they face in the West, especially in Britain, as part of the Wednesday Forum series of seminars that brings together thought leaders in the Arab community.

The discussion was attended by dozens of intellectuals, professors, and those interested in Arab society and the family. The meeting opened with a reading of verses from the Holy Quran, followed by a speech by Dr. Jalal Fayrouz, a professor at the Islamic College in London and a former member of the Bahraini Parliament, who presented moderated the session with the participation of the two guest speakers: Mr. Muhammad Hussein Al-Asadi, the Expert In economic and social affairs, Professor of Economics, Dr. Mohamed Hassan, researcher and advisor at the British Treasury.
Ahl Al-Bayt Culture Center
At the opening of the session, Dr. Jalal Fairouz addressed the great cultural difficulties facing the Arab family and children in schools, as he mentioned a number of frightening studies and statistics, including the study of the British University (SOAS), in which it was stated that 68 percent of the children of the second generation of Arabs in Britain are more likely to face to loss of identity.
Dr. Jalal discussed the seriousness of what children face in their everyday life, like bullying in schools regarding being sexually active and other matters. He also highlighted a study done by The Independent newspaper six years ago, which confirmed that more than 60 percent of 12-year-old girls in Britain had sex with a young man, and a SOAS University study confirmed that 37 percent of Muslim girls in Britain in middle school had sex for reasons, including: intense peer pressure and bullying they faced from colleagues about not having sex.
Ahl Al-Bayt Culture Center
The researcher, Dr. Mohamed Hassan, started his talk about the deteriorating economic conditions in Britain and its negative impact on Muslim families, in addition to the problems of the difficulty of integrating members of the Arab community into higher education, especially in major universities such as Oxford and Cambridge, despite the opportunity for minorities.
Dr. Hassan emphasized the importance of educating parents and their children about integrating positively into British society while preserving Arab and religious identity. And the importance of the role of Arab seminars and events in educating the members of the Arab community and consolidating the idea of ​​preserving the Arab heritage and transmitting it to others in a positive way.

The Impact of the Economic Situation on the Arab Society

Ahl Al-Bayt Culture Center
On the other hand, Mr. Muhammad Hussein discussed the effects of the economic, political and security conditions in the world on Arab families in Britain and Western countries, and pointed out the importance of acquiring the necessary skills; To deal with the difficulties facing the Arab community in Britain.
He stressed that international conflicts indirectly affect the Arab and Islamic communities and the targeting of communities and minorities by major powers in Western countries, in addition to the necessity of preparing the Arab and Muslim community in general to face these difficulties.
A number of attendees participated in the discussion about the importance of preserving identity and not assimilating children into British culture. Most of the speakers emphasized the necessity of continuing such meetings. To discuss issues concerning the Arab community in Britain.

Ahl al-Bayt Culture Center in the UK

Ahl Al-Bayt Culture Center
Al-Arab in UK (AUK) held a special meeting with the pioneers and participants of the session. Where Dr. Jalal Fayrouz spoke about the programs of the Ahl al-Bayt Cultural Center in London, which was established five years ago, and how those in charge of it are working to spread awareness through its various programs and meetings. Dr. Jalal thanked the Arab Platform in Britain for Her contributions and important impact in covering the news and events of the Arab community.
In his statement, Mr. Muhammad Hussein touched on the necessity of holding such meetings frequently. To benefit from constructive discussions that contribute to strengthening the role of the Arab family in a society that faces great difficulties in its culture and religion, especially among the younger generation.
Dr. Mohamed Hassan expressed his happiness at participating in the meeting, and called for holding more such seminars, stressing the importance of instilling the idea of ​​the positive addition of the Arab individual to British society, and keenness to highlight the good image of Arab and Muslim representation in front of other societies in Britain.

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