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What does the Arab community in the UK need?

Arab community in UK
فريق التحرير 2 May 2023

In comparison to migrant populations from larger ethnic minority groups, particularly from the Indian Subcontinent, the latest figures from the UK government’s Office of National Statistics recorded in the 2011 census that there were only some 250,000 Arabs living in Britain.

Needs of Arab community in UK

Arabs in UK
What do Arabs in UK need and prefer?

It is important to recognize that the Arab community in the UK, like any other community, has several needs that vary depending on individuals’ circumstances and culture. However, some general needs that the Arab community in the UK may require or prefer are:

1. Cultural and linguistic support: Many in the Arab community may feel more comfortable and better understood when engaging with service providers or communicating in their native language. It is essential to provide interpretation and translation services and offer culturally competent care and community-based support.

2. Access to education and employment opportunities: Like any other community, the Arabs in UK need access to education and employment opportunities that are free from discrimination.

Education in the UK
Access to the Education in the UK

3. Support for integration and social cohesion: The Arabs living in the UK need support to integrate with the wider community, access social services and support, and actively participate in social and civic life.

4. Protection from hate speech and discrimination: The Arab community in the UK may be subject to racism, Islamophobia, and discrimination, which can have a profound impact on individuals’ wellbeing, safety, and ability to fully participate in society.

5. Sensitivity to cultural and religious practices: Arabs have their own traditions, customs, and beliefs that require sensitivity, understanding, and respect from the wider society. Any service or support provided should reflect a good understanding of the Arabic community’s customs and traditions.

It is essential to work together and take the necessary steps to meet these needs and promote inclusion, respect and equality within the Arab community in the UK and the wider society.

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