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University of Nottingham Student Encampment Seek Donations for Legal Battle

University of Nottingham Student Encampment Seek Donations for Legal Battle
News 9 June 2024

Since May 10th, student activists at the University of Nottingham have maintained an encampment on the Jubilee Campus to challenge the university’s ties with defense contractors.

This protest, named the Nottingham Camp for the Liberation of Palestine (NCLP), has led to legal action from the university. As a result, the protesters are urgently fundraising to cover their legal expenses, with a goal to collect between £15,000 and £17,000.

You can contribute to the students’ cause through the fundraiser link here.

The fundraising campaign supports the hiring of a lawyer specialized in protest law, who has previously handled similar cases. This financial push is critical, as the funds need to be secured within five days to effectively support their legal defense.

The legal outcome for the NCLP could influence future protests across the UK. A victory would not only benefit the Nottingham protesters but could also set a legal precedent for similar protests, including the recently adjourned QM case.

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The encampment, initiated over a month ago and situated behind the bike shelters at the entrance to the Jubilee Campus on Derby Road, houses approximately 40 residents. It was set up as a direct escalation in response to the University of Nottingham’s refusal to sever ties with the arms trade. The campsite includes various operational groups such as camp management and media liaison, with participants using aliases to maintain their anonymity.

The encampment has been a focal point for solidarity, with community members and students rallying to support the cause. The university’s involvement in the arms trade, particularly its manufacturing of parts for F35 fighter jets used in military operations in Palestine, has sparked significant controversy.

As the protest continues, the demonstrators remain resolute in their demands: the university must disclose its financial relationships with defense companies, divest from the arms trade, support Palestinian students through scholarships and bursaries, and commit to helping rebuild Gaza’s infrastructure.

Despite the protest, the University of Nottingham asserts its commitment to freedom of speech and the safe conduct of protests. However, the protesters argue that substantial change requires decisive action beyond mere discussion.

With today’s date being June 8th, the NCLP is still actively seeking donations to fund their legal battle and are calling on the public to assist by sharing their donation link and supporting their social media campaigns to amplify their message of resistance against complicity in global conflicts.


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