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UK’s Muslims condemn the murder of David Amess

مسلمون بريطانيون يدينون قتل النائب ديفيد
فريق التحرير 17 October 2021

UK’s Muslims condemn the murder of the MP David Amess

Britain’s Muslim community condemns the murder of the MP David Amess as the police name the 25-year-old suspect Ali Harbi Ali.

Police continue to investigate the murder, but in recent news they have named the suspect to be Ali Harbi Ali, a 25-year-old British-Somali Muslim. The force had extended his arrest till 22 October so they investigate the murder further.

The Muslim community condemns the murder of David Amess, the Essex Jamme Masjid had said on behalf of the Southend mosques that their prayers and condolences go to David’s family and friends. One of the Masjid’s members said that David was a great man who was a “tremendous force for good and pillar of support for our community” and that what happened was “senseless violence”.

More of Southend Muslim community have said good words about David, they said he was always there when needed to support our community and was a very compassionate man who listened to everyone.


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