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UK TREND: The Met Office’s findings are facing public scrutiny

The Met Office's findings are facing public scrutiny
فريق التحرير 4 July 2023

The Met Office has confirmed that this June has broken the record as the hottest June ever recorded in the UK. With an average monthly temperature of 15.8C (60.4F), it surpassed the previous highest average temperatures from 1940 and 1976 by 0.9C.

UK Trend: The Met Office’s findings face public scrutiny


Scientists also noted that climate change has made it at least twice as likely to surpass such records. Mark McCarthy, the Climate Science Manager at the Met Office, stated that it is officially the hottest June in terms of mean temperature, as well as the average maximum and minimum temperature.

Despite these findings, some members of the public have questioned the accuracy of the Met Office’s information and accused them of spreading misinformation. The hashtag #MetOffice has been trending on Twitter as a result.

A Twitter user expressed disbelief at the Met Office’s assertion that June in the UK was the hottest on record. He questioned the claim, citing his personal experience in Barnsley, where he observed a few pleasant, warm sunny days but not excessively hot. Based on this, he concluded that the Met Office spreads falsehoods to support climate change advocates.

Another Twitter user recounted their personal experience, claiming to have used heating twice in June in Sussex due to typical British weather. They further expressed scepticism, suggesting that the Met Office is deliberately spreading falsehoods since they are currently wearing a cardigan, which contradicts the alleged record-breaking heat.

The public dismissed the findings as “rubbish” because they personally recalled experiencing much hotter Junes in the past. They argued that the true hottest June in the UK’s history resulted in unprecedented fish deaths in rivers, further casting doubt on the accuracy of the current record.

Twitter users expressed their belief that these findings indicate the Met Office’s alignment with a political agenda.

They shared that the “ Met Office is reinforcing the climate change narrative as they have been told to do.”

Individuals tweeted, “The Met Office needs to get its act together. There have been much hotter Junes”.

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