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UK TREND: The Prime Minister is receiving backlash on Twitter

The Prime Minister is receiving backlash on Twitter
فريق التحرير 3 July 2023

It has come to light that the government under Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is prepared to block proposed public pay increases.

Sunak has made it clear that he is willing to go against the recommendations put forth by the review bodies, even if it means making difficult and unpopular decisions regarding wages in the public sector.

Prime Minister to go against the public pay increases

The Prime Minister Rishi Sunak
The Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

Unions have expressed their outrage at the notion that Sunak could instruct his ministers to reject specific recommendations from the pay review bodies. The government has been emphasizing the independence of these bodies, particularly in light of recent strikes.

The general public, particularly teachers, have also expressed their anger regarding this news, taking to Twitter with the hashtag #PayUpRishi to demand that Sunak refrains from intervening in the matter.

Several individuals have taken to Twitter to express their belief that the public is aware that public sector pay increases do not contribute to inflation. As a result, they are urging Rishi Sunak to fulfil his obligation and offer a pay rise.

Social media buzzes with frustration as individuals accuse Conservative party members of consistently deceiving the public.

According to a Twitter user, Gillian Keegan, the Secretary of State for Education, announced in April 2023 that independent bodies would determine pay raises. However, it appears that Rishi Sunak has reversed this decision, possibly due to his apparent lack of concern since Conservative children typically attend private schools.

“Sunak’s actions are disgraceful”

Rishi Sunak

In a recent tweet, lawyer Peter Stefanovic highlighted the apparent inconsistency of Rishi Sunak’s stance on pay review recommendations. Stefanovic pointed out that while Sunak readily accepted the recommendations for pay cuts in the past, he now refuses to accept them when they suggest “more than he would like”.

Twitter users criticized Sunak’s actions as disgraceful, citing that a 6.5% increase is still below inflation and doesn’t address the 13 years of effective pay cuts. It appears that the government may not even fulfil this increase.


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