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UK Trend :Twitter is ablaze following Morocco’s Atlas Lions’ World Cup victory over Belgium

فريق التحرير 28 November 2022

Following their World Cup play versus Belgium, the hashtag “Morocco” is trending in the United Kingdom on Twitter with over 250 thousand tweets. Fans are praising the team and showing their support for them after the incredible victory.


UK Trend : Morocco’s Atlas Lions’ World Cup victory over Belgium

World Cup 2022
Morocco’s over Belgium in World Cup 2022

Academics such as Khaled Beydoun took to twitter to express the significance of this win for Morocco, highlighting the Moroccan community living in Belgium as “they are often treated as second and third-class citizens”. Many of them, especially women who wear hijab, face consistent Islamophobia in Belgium. In addition, Belgium is home 500 hundred thousand Moroccans.

Achraf Hakimi celebrates the victory over Belgium in World Cup 2022 with her mother

The player Achraf Hakimi’s decision to head to his mother to celebrate the victory with her after the game also caught the attention of many people.

Some have referred to the kiss he gave his mother as “the victory kiss” to mark such a momentous day in Hakimi’s life, and the tears in her eyes only serve to emphasize how pleased she is of this achievement.


The adorable interactions between Achraf Hakimi and his mother, as well as Abdelhamid Sabiri and his mother, caught the attention of sports journalists like Ben Jacobs as they showed how proud both mothers appear.

Another sports journalist, Saddick Adams, was highly impressed by the Moroccan team’s outstanding performance and the overwhelming support they received in Qatar.

Muslim supporters were especially enamored with the Moroccan team’s celebration of their victory by kneeling and praying to Allah to thank him for the victory. Some people praised it as “the most beautiful thing they had ever seen” and wished them “many successes to come.”

Muslim and Middle Eastern fans were especially pleased with their teams’ accomplishments. Morocco defeated the world’s second-ranked team, just as Saudi Arabia defeated Argentina, the third-ranked team in the world. Both were a major surprise because neither the audience nor the western teams they played against anticipated their ability to win with to such strong skill and teamwork.

The North Africans join Saudi Arabia and Japan, who defeated Germany and Argentina respectively, in defying the odds and shocking opponents who have historically enjoyed sustained success on the international arena.
Morocco has four points after their first two games and is expected to advance. On Thursday at 3pm, they play Canada, who are currently without any points.

Morocco’s Atlas Lions’ World Cup victory over Belgium

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