UK Trend: Laylatul Qadr is trending on social media

In recent years, there has been a marked rise in the number of Muslims living in England and Wales. According to the census, which was conducted on March 21, 2021, there are now 3.9 million Muslims in England and Wales, or 6.5% of the nation’s total population, up by 44% over the previous ten years. It is therefore not surprising to see the hashtag #Laylatul Qadr trending in the UK.

One of the most cherished and significant nights in the Islamic calendar is Laylatul Qadr, also known as the Night of Power. It is widely accepted that Laylatul Qadr occurs on an odd night in the final 10 days of Ramadan; many people think it occurs on the 27th of Ramadan, but this is not certain. On social media, Muslims have posted information about Laylatul Qadr and their prayers, asking Allah to accept them.

Laylatul Qadr in Ramadan 2023

UK Trend Laylatul Qadr is trending on social media

People have been highlighting the event and encouraging other to “ spend the night doing as many good deeds as they possibly could”.

They have also been sharing different forms of worship that individuals could do on this night to get more “ thawab”, for example “ they could read or listen to Quran, send lots of salawat to our beloved prophet pbuh, make lots of duaa for yourself and the entire ummah”.


Individuals have also been tweeting about what makes the night so special, as “ it is better than a thousand-month worship, it could also be the night that changes your heart and soul”.

Another individual stated the meaning of Laylatul Qadr as it “ is the night where Allah decides all the matters of your life, what’s going to happen for the whole year”. She also reminded people that “ duaa changes Qadr, so ask and ask Allah for everything your heart desires and wishes for”.


Muslim imams/ influencers also took to social media platforms to share videos or information about Laylatul Qadr, such as Imam Omar Sulieman who shared a video of his about the possibility of it being Laylatul Qadr on the 23rd and it is also the night of Friday.


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