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UK TREND : Twitter is outraged by Nigel Farage’s tweet

UK Trend
فريق التحرير 24 December 2022

The hashtag Farage has been trending on twitter with over 50 thousand tweets, as users have been criticising Nigel Farage ( Leader of the Brexit party from 2019 to 2021). Farage upset twitter users after he posted a tweet stating that “ Britain is Broken”. Individuals have been furious as to them he is one of the main causes that Britain is now “Broken”.


Many people now believe Nigel Farage should leave the country, as he tweeted and stated on radio shows in the past that “if Brexit is a disaster, I will go and live abroad, I will go and live somewhere else”. Given the clear failure Brexit seems to be, as “the economic damage caused by the UK leaving the EY already exceeds the total cost of UK membership in the EU between 1973 and 2020”, the public is tweeting that “it’s time for him to go”.


UK Trend: Brexit implications on Britain’s economy

The irony of Farage tweeting that Britain is broken has been noted by many. Farage’s tweet stems from the fact that UK society came to a standstill in December due to consecutive public sector strikes (including the first ever NHS nurse walkout). The country is on the verge of recession with inflation over 10 percent and a rising cost of living crisis, resulting in many employees calling for pay raises. Government officials blamed the pandemic and the war in Ukraine for soaring energy bills, but more and more members of the public blame Brexit. His tweet is therefore ironic as Farage “encouraged Britons to vote for Brexit”. (


In the last two years alone, the government has lost £40 billion in tax revenues, according to the think tank Centre for European Reform.

The Office for Budget Responsibility claimed earlier this year that Brexit will cause the UK economy to shrink by around £100 billion between 2016 and 2031. Therefore, many people blame Nigel Farage for the economic difficulties the country now faces because he was a driving force behind our EU exit.




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