UK Trend: Controversy following Qatar’s ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages in World Cup stadiums

World Cup
Qatar ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages in World Cup stadiums

FIFA announced a sudden alteration to the World Cup 2022 regulations two days prior to the commencement of the eagerly-anticipated event; thus, alcohol will not be offered to fans at the eight World Cup stadiums in Qatar.

Alcoholic beverages will still be available for purchase in the stadiums’ corporate sections during the tournament.


History of Alcohol and World Cup

World Cup
History of Alcohol and World Cup (Pixabay)


The last-minute U-turn by Qatar has ignited a heated debate among British football fans, who are outraged by the action and are requesting refunds from FIFA. They contend that alcohol consumption is an integral component of the culture surrounding football games and that the experience would be incomplete without it.



Many supporters were also infuriated by the idea that alcohol would in fact be served at games, albeit in hospitality boxes, where the cheapest suites cost about £20,000 per game!



Nevertheless, a number of western fans understood and respected the decision to adhere to Qatar’s Islamic law. They maintained that viewing a game is an incredible time in and of itself, and that drinking is not required for enjoyment.





Due to the mayhem fans cause as a result of the effects of drinking, many people also agreed with the decision and thought it was the most sensible way to ensure a pleasant world cup.


Who’s to blame?

World Cup
History of Alcohol and World Cup (Pixabay)


Fans opposed to the ban were divided between those who held Qatar responsible and others who blamed FIFA for allowing Qatar to host the world cup and for failing to ensure Qatar maintained consistent with its decisions after initially easing its alcohol regulations to allow Budweiser.


According to Qatari citizens, this ban on alcohol sales is an example of Qatari leadership adhering to Muslim rules. For British and International fans, this was a ‘disgrace’ and allegedly ‘ruined’ the experience they had paid thousands of pounds to enjoy.




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